14 February 2018

V is for?

This year I will spare you with my sarcastic Valentine stories. Let's just say this morning I am in a good mood ;) (don't push it!)

This little text is inspired from Nat King Cole's song which you all know. God, I hope I spelled it right this time.

V is for the sweet Vibes you give to me,

A is for the Amazing you I daily see,
L you’re very very, Lethal as a baby,
E is for Every moment l smile and laugh just thinking of you.
N is for the Nights I dream of us,
T is for the many Times you make me blush,
I because I love you, darling I adore you,
N I can’t Nearly describe how sweet and polite you can be.
E is for the Extraordinary youuuuu......

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, share the love!

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