06 January 2018

To Do List 2018

Happy New Year everyone, wishing you all the best for 2018. My year started perfect, with new scars and pains, the future looking promising this year. But nothing can stop me from sharing with you the brand new ‘To Do List’ for 2018. It’s become a tradition truly and my heart is filled with love knowing that there are so many readers waiting for this list to be posted.

I won’t keep you waiting much longer.


After seeing the 'Crooked House', I must give it up for Max Irons and his incredible role as the detective. 

He is cool, distant and observant, his splendid eyes watching your every, little, criminal move. I like that in a man as long as he knows how to warm up the heart.


So what he’s got a bit of a rash? Prince Ernest from 'Victoria' is a catch! 

David Oakes has a noble charm and that smile just melts my heart. He is funny, cute and his accent is mesmerizing. I would definitely invite him for some tea. Those eyes can tell me many stories, I bet.

Is she a bitch? Is she an angel? 

With Rose Byrne I really can’t say. Those who have seen her in ‘The Spy’ and ‘X-Men’ will understand. She has a wicked, sexy combination that makes any man or any woman fall for her sweet personality and arrogant attitude.


Mister Turner can’t be absent from this list. His ‘Poldark’ role is just too good to set aside. He’s the perfect man, perfect husband, well almost perfect husband and he fights for justice and honor. 

Once a vampire, now a true gentleman. You gotta forgive him for his little…slips.


A flower always in bloom that goes by the name of Lesley-Ann Brandt. Sweet as she is in real life, as cruel and sadistic in ‘Lucifer’. 

She can beat the crap out of you and send you to hell but hey, if you really want the girl you should be willing to make some sacrifices. 


Who says that good men don’t fall out of the sky? Whoever says that has never met Thor. He nailed it with 'Ragnarok', saved the world once again and even with the unfortunate new pirate look, he still kept his dashing smile. His beautiful long hair is gone but he still looks perfect to me.


Auch, hot! Speaking of hot, here is Nyle DiMarco! Don’t count on him to put out the fire. He’s a fire starter, ladies! Someone call for help because he is too gorgeous to be alive and that body is accompanied by a beautiful and altruistic personality. You will fall in love with him immediately!



Still burning hot. 

Zoe Saldana is not making things any easier. 

We loved her in 'Galaxy 1', we adored her in 'Galaxy 2' and she is preparing some wonderful new roles for 2018. She is tough, smart, beautiful and deadly. If you die in her arms then you’ve made your life worthwhile.


Even though he creeped us out in ‘Life’ Jake Gyllenhaal’s effort to survive won’t go unnoticed. And yes, even if he rarely smiles in this movie, I still think he’s amazing. 

Still waiting for that Prince of Persia sequel, Jake!


Halloween is coming and yes, of course, how can Jensen Ackles miss the party? 

Dean Winchester loves cutting off vampire heads and butchering demons. 

But ladies, be careful, if you ain’t got beer and food in your fridge, you ain’t got Dean’s attention.



He is a weirdo but we like them nuts and twisted…no…not twisted nuts…I know you were thinking about that. 

G-Eazy has this way of being a bad boy with a good heart. He can be romantic in his dark and reserved way. And let’s face it, we all love bad boys.


 This one is not a bad boy. He is a very good boy….man, for that matter. Iain Dale stole our hearts and made us cry in his role as lord Melbourne in ‘Victoria’. Even though he played some mean roles in the past, in my heart I will continue to see him as the perfectly, good gentleman on whom I can always count.

Here you have it! Unfortunately there are only 12 months in a year so I can’t add any more (no matter how much I would have wanted that). Enjoy your To Do list! Unless this is the year our world ends, then in that case…try to do as many as possible in the little time we have left.

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