19 December 2016

Bokwa baby!

Oh yes, I can’t describe it better than this :)

Well of course I can and I will!
This summer I heard of the concept of Bokwa for the very first time and I immediately became mesmerized by the idea.

What is Bokwa? Basically a super cool cardio workout routine created by Paul Mavi (check out more on https://bokwafitness.com/en/) that doesn’t require choreography or counting steps. What you basically do is draw letters and numbers with your feet. Believe me I was already convinced that this could be something for me. I tried Zumba for example for a few times but I found the steps quite difficult to follow, the dance routine got changed almost every class and all I did was stare at my clumsiness in the mirror and laugh. I stopped at one point because it was more frustrating to keep up with the steps than to actually have fun. I tried fitness as well for a few months at a time but realized I easily got bored and didn’t have the motivation to go on with it. I was missing something. With Bokwa I had the feeling I was going to have some fun. And believe me I was not disappointed!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered I had the chance to not only practice Bokwa but actually become a Bokwa instructor myself! I am a writer and have an office job. At the end of the day I feel tired and sore, my back hurts, my legs, my arms etc. Going back to my apartment and sitting on my ass watching TV is not an option for me. I want to do something fun, forget about the sometimes stressful days and feel energized. Moreover I want to share this experience with others. Becoming an instructor, being fit and moreover motivating others to be fit in a fun and easy way, making them smile and forget about their own stressful days is something I admire and would like to achieve. Bokwa is fun, uses a combination of the latest hits as a workout music and it’s easy, everyone can do it but most important:

It makes you go out of your freaking mind!!!

My Bokwa journey started when I visited my instructor and mentor Dani Obleaga in Petrosani. I must say I didn’t know much of the city Petrosani but never had I expected it to be so cozy. Well and a bit cold as well as it is located further in the mountains for it is a mining region.

As I stood in the city center I watched how I was surrounded by mountains and thought what a wonderful view this must be to wake up to every morning. I can’t even imagine how cool it looks in the summer.

The people of Petrosani are so much different from Bucharest. I am from Bucharest myself so I can’t criticize much my fellow citizens but man, people in Petrosani are so much friendlier and honest.

Dani and his superb wife Simona invited me to a cafĂ©, ‘Caffe Flore’ and it felt like Cheers. Seriously, everyone knew everyone and the bartender, Daniela Rasnoveanu, was so friendly and sweet. She served me with tea, chai latte and a great cocktail and it felt as if she was taking care of every customer with love and dedication. I seriously recommend this place to everyone. I sat there in the middle of what I could say strangers but they treated me like one of their own. I also noticed that some of the friends were actually participants to Dani and Simona’s workout classes. Need I say more?

Bokwa training day was very important to me so I was quite nervous. I was also nervous about my fellow students because I knew one of them had a lot of experience in dancing and I was afraid I might not be able to meet the expectations. But my instructor Dani made it very clear ‘Everyone Can Bokwa! Bokwa is for everybody!’ And moreover he gave me the feeling he believed in me right from the start.

I imagined my fellow students would be some fitness big shots with attitude. Never was I more wrong.  One of the students was Alin, a firefighter, a father and husband who owns his own business. He wanted to do something new and expand his horizon. He was down to earth and eager to learn. The other student (the one I was afraid of) was Costin PG, a talented and funny Entertainer with great moves but also very down to earth and motivated. So both my fellow students weren’t that fitness image I had expected. Actually all three of us came from three different worlds. But this was no challenge for our instructor as he, assisted by his superb wife and talented beyond words, Simona (yes I am in love with her :)), was able to make the Bokwa moves both challenging and fun to learn for all three of us. We started with power and ended with power and I swear not a moment during that day did my smile fade away. I felt every muscle in my body, put all negative thoughts aside and really concentrated on the music.

I can’t tell you the muscle ache I have right now, all three of us do, but that is also what makes us proud. Dani and Simona offered us a great opportunity to learn from them. Their modesty and eagerness to pass on this beautiful concept is truly admiring. What I forgot to tell you is this. When I entered their gym at ‘D&S Fit & Fun Studio’ my mouth fell open facing their wall filled with pictures, diploma’s and certifications over the years, there is no fitness concept they didn’t do and no dance style they didn’t know, they’ve travelled all over the world and performed various shows. But they never once, not even once did they stand above us or tried to show us that they are better because of their experience. These kind of people are very hard to find these days and I am honored to have met them and to be able to work with them in the future. I feel like a chick who will be taught how to fly by eagles and yes I know chicks can’t fly but believe me this one will ;)

What I like most about Bokwa is that its goal is to make you move and have fun at the same time. The instructors aren’t stuck up or try to show off their talents every step of the way. The instructors want to truly make you forget about your day, the problems at home, the stress and just listen to the music, feel the power and have fun!

I believe in this concept and I believe it will keep on rising in the next few years (it has already been spread worldwide). I believe this not only because the concept is well thought and effective but also because the people who pass it on (who are truly like one big family) are dedicated and down to earth to make the best of a fitness workout and to see a smile on every participant, thus making the best of us.

Bokwa, here we come!