26 August 2016

Demons and Angels

Yes, we have it all: demons, angels, hell and heaven and we don’t have to look very far to find it. It is all on this lovely planet we call Earth. Are these demons or angels far away from us? Are they hiding so that we cannot see them or are they walking in broad daylight, terrifying or touching our hearts to the core? Do they have grotesque faces or are they wearing pretty masks? Well, take a better look…in the mirror. The demons and the angels I am talking about are not out there, they are inside you, for you are both a demon and an angel.

I believe and I dare say this with all my heart that we all, all of us, can be pushed to the verge of suicide, no matter how weak or strong we think we are, we can all commit selfless acts and we are all, I mean fucking all of us, are capable of murder. ‘Not me’, I hear you say, ‘I wouldn’t hurt a fly’. Yes, even you! We all have our weak points, our limits, our kryptonite, our temptations and when that is triggered we become something that even we wouldn’t be able to recognize. Hell and heaven is on Earth because we have created them with our own mighty hands and hearts. No need to blame it on anyone or anything else.

I believe there are a lot of ‘incurable’ illnesses in this world that already have a cure but are kept secret. I mean, why share it and stimulate population growth? If we’d only have people dying of old age, it will all just cost more wouldn’t it? How will the rich people otherwise enjoy their overly expensive lives? And then of course get depressed because they are bored with always having everything? And yes, that’s another thing, depression. It’s one of the worst. Never take it lightly but never encourage it either. I believe a lot of people have lost the hope of a better life, their purpose in life becoming meaningless, a lot of us wake up every day realizing we cannot do anything more than breathe and live out our lives. Some of us grew up believing we could become great some day but, slowly yet certainly, we faced the painful slaps, day by day realizing that that dream will only stay a dream. Some of us decide to end it and end our lives with it. Others decide to fight anyway. That doesn’t make any of these choices weak. That’s the point of life. We should all have a choice. The worse thing in life is when the choice is made for us: others keeping us dead while we want to live or keeping us alive when all we want is to parish.

Yes, perhaps this is another of my posts that will only make sense to perhaps 2% of the ones that read it. But it doesn’t matter. We are everything and nothing all at once, we can love and hate with all our hearts, envy or wish everyone the best, fight or accept, murder or let live, wake up crying or wake up smiling, complain or keep it on the inside, hurt or be hurt, scream or sing it out, bring people closer to us or push them away, live for yourself or for others too, keep it all to yourself or share it, cover it all up or show it all, live or die. That’s our choice is it not? We can all choose to become angels or demons, make this place a hell or heaven. And of course, we can choose to be both, an angel with a touch of demon, half demon half angel, or a demon with a drop of angel. What’s the difference? What’s the point of struggling everyday and trying to keep the right demon/angel balance? Well, it all depends on you. How do you want to live? Do you want to live in a hell or in a heaven? Some don’t even have a choice but I am sure you do. So what will it be? What will you become?