24 July 2016

Stop your nonsense baby

What can I say in this new world that is continuously changing? A world where Social Media is becoming more and more powerful getting people running around like zombies chasing invisible monsters, bitches photoshopping their everyday pictures before posting them and morons judging people who do not have Facebook as if they do not have a personal life?

Nothing has changed, people have always cared about their appearance, about what others think of them, about showing people that they have money, that they are smart, that they are happy, that they are popular. People have always needed someone to envy their lives, their happiness, admire their relationships, tell them how beautiful and perfect they are even if it comes from complete strangers.

Shallowness has never left our side. With Social Media is has only been magnified. And we have grown more insecure because we decide to put ourselves out there and actually give a fuck about what our ‘friends’ think of us. And wonder why that person did not give a ‘like’ and decide not to ‘like’ them back. It’s basically our normal behavior only now we decided to monitor it on screen. New lovers trying to show the world how in love they are by posting every private moment they have together on Facebook. Well, do tell me, if you are truly having a romantic dinner, why the fuck are you sitting with your mobile in your hands? Why aren’t you looking your lover in the eyes? We look at video’s and read texts of people who actually are living their lives out there and wonder why our lives have grown more and more meaningless. We use the internet to tell us how sick we are, how in love we are, if our partner is truly a match, if we are happy…The moment you start searching for answers in other places, it’s the moment someone’s got to hit you with a hammer hard on your head. Live your life and stop your bullshit! Yeah I know, I myself am using Social Media to actually be able to make you read this…isn’t it fucking ironic?

Yes, yes, I am in one of those moods. I grow grumpy when I see people becoming even more and more stupid and doing nothing to improve their actual life. Well, I grow grumpy for a moment and then I let it go. Why would I give a damn about this world? Many might see me as a loner but I am just a 30 plus human with a very low tolerance to ignorance and stupidity. You will learn that as the years pass you by you will realize how precious your own time is and how pointless it is to waste it on fake friendships, negative relationships and well basically total nonsense. You will realize that you should always do the things you like, always say what you want to say and follow your own path no matter how weird and freaky it is to others. And don’t be hard on yourself if on a Friday night you find yourself all alone in your home smoking cigs and drinking. It’s perfectly normal! You aren’t a loser! You aren’t a freak! And you do not have any mental problem! New mental illnesses get invented every single day to put a label on whatever you are feeling. Ignore that shit. We always have the need to name everything we don’t understand and explain it in such ways that everyone will think they have it. Give me a fucking break.

If you have the feeling the world has gone mad, well please do realize that the world has always been mad. Now they just have easier access to certain things. And we have easier access to see all the shit that is going on in the world, every detail, every bloody drop. Because let’s face it, people are always hungry for tragedies, shocking news, sex and violence. People love it! If we wouldn’t then the news wouldn’t be filled with it. And the media needs to make money too. Money. Money is still power. Always has, always will be.

I accept all these things but it does not mean I have to give a damn about it. I am following my own narrowed street in life, not sure where it is going but as long as I can enjoy the view nothing else matters. And if I happen to come across you in the way, I have all the time in the world so we can go to an inn, have a drink or two and talk about your own travelling.

Life is beautiful, fucked up people messed it up but life alone is beautiful. I like to see the world, travel, talk to people who still listen to their hearts, play with animals, make music listening to the rhythm of love and just live. It’s not that hard.