31 March 2016

Dreaming away with Omario2d

When you look at this sketch, what do you feel? Does it make you happy? Sad? Nostalgic? Or do you feel nothing? Look a bit closer, come on, take your time…
When I first laid my eyes on this image I smiled, a wonderful feeling taking hold of me. I felt the breeze of a summer night, I heard the music. I felt the connection between the two and heard their heartbeats as they were living in their own moment. I have fallen in love with this image. Now I look at it every day as I have set it up as my desktop wallpaper.
One morning I was browsing through Facebook looking for inspiration and I somehow ended up on Omario Brunelleschi’s page. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized the sketches on his page were actually his own work. And the way he introduced himself, so humble:  ‘Hey guys, I'm an English Italian aspiring artist living in England. I'll share my personal work with you here, I hope you enjoy!’
There are so many artists in this world, so many that it has become more and more difficult to break through. But what I do find sad is that some, because they know people, even if their art is poor they end up famous because of their right network (oh yes I truly believe that not all art is great, there is also shitty art and there is a lot of it out there). Others, who are ten times more talented can spend a lifetime without getting any recognition for their work and because of what? Because they were perhaps too shy and modest. Well, I may not be able to help Omario become world famous but I will definitely share his art with you.
There is so much good art out there but we tend to look through them like braindead zombies. I see people every day staring at their little mobiles, scrolling down and down endlessly, their brains turning into mush. Stop! Take your time to ‘see’. I ask you to look through the next sketches and take your time, understand what the artist is trying to tell you and feel whatever you want to feel. And I will share with you how these sketches feel to me.

1. The guy next door
“I’ve never been more eager to get home. Since he moved in the apartment across I just can’t stop thinking about him. I feel sad if a day passes without seeing his face, his smile. Even though he doesn’t always know I watch him from behind my curtains. I feel like such a child! I never truly dare to stay on my balcony when he’s there. I just feel like I’d make a fool out of myself if I talk to him. I think he lives alone. I never see anyone else in there. He seems to be quite a loner. Sometimes he looks sad and sank in thoughts. But he’s always cheerful when he plays his guitar. Every time I hear him playing I stand by the balcony door and dream away. He’s really good at it. One evening he caught me standing there. It was so embarrassing. He stopped playing, came over to the balcony and asked me to give him my opinion about a new song he was working on. I never felt more flattered. I never felt more in love.”

2. Nighttime music
“Ever since I was young I liked staring out of the window at night and listen to music. Sometimes I’d listen to one particular song over and over again and think of a story, a moment or think of my crush, if she’s thinking of me right now, if she even knows I exist, if she’s perhaps like me, doing the same thing at this very moment. I used to listen to my cassette recorder and hated it when the batteries ran out or that I had to rewind back to my favorite song. Then the CD player came out and it was quicker though the battery thing was still a problem. Years have passed and now I listen to my iPhone. Though the world around me changed so much, when I’m sitting on my bed, staring at the sparkling sky, when I feel the music and ignore all the messages on my phone, I realize, I’m still me. “

3. Take your time
“Nothing compares to serenity. Being in the right place at the right time. I used to think that a lot of friends, parties, cars, money and owning a lot of expensive stuff made me happy. But when I spent that last summer at my grams I woke up. I had forgotten how much joy a cup of coffee can bring. The smell of fresh ground coffee beans and the feeling that I have all the time in the world to enjoy it. I used to think I had not enough time to do anything. Now I realize I didn’t take the time. Sometimes you need to take your time and not complain about it slipping through your fingers. My gram’s new dog stares at me with that stupid look on his face. He’s a year old but has the spirit and curiosity of a puppy. He follows me everywhere. He did that since day one and although I hated it at first now I can’t imagine going anywhere without him. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m happy just where I am right now and for a very long time I could not have said that.”
4. Crazy in love
“She’s insane. Maybe that’s the reason I love her. She’s not insane in a bad way, don’t get me wrong. She’s just one of those people who enjoys the little things in life and gets excited about the strangest stuff like a new chips flavor, a new episode of her favorite TV show or the fact that she saw a squirrel in the park. It’s stupid I know but you should see the look on her face when she tells me those things, that glow in her eyes eager to live every day to the fullest and trying to drag old grumpy me with her. She changed my life and I can’t imagine my life without her. I used to be so negative about just about everything and now…well I am still a bit negative but I’m not sad anymore. I wake up, look at her and just feel like smiling for no particular reason. And when she decided to take me somewhere in the middle of nowhere, away from the city, just so we can watch the falling stars, I really didn’t mind. I remember that night as she was pulling me after her and said, ‘let’s sit on the swing, watch the stars and make wishes for everyone we know.’ I found it a stupid idea but then I realized why we didn’t need to make wishes for us. Our wishes had already come true.”
Thank you Omario for making this post possible!
If you've enjoyed Omario's art and appreciated it then please let him know:


  1. bravo OMARIO!!!
    great work, I really love it!

  2. I am totally fan of his art. And he always answers our comments, so humble and polite. I wish I could help him get more fans. I loved you idea to share his work, I'll probably do the same!