10 February 2016

Love Potion Nr. 9 (Valentine Great Ideas...yeah right)

Don’t we all love Valentine? Noooot! Oh so sorry, was I a bit too negative? Ok let’s face it Valentine is wonderful when it’s not forced on a particular day creating certain expectations from men or women. In Romania we also have Martisor on the 1st of March and women’s day on the 8th of March so from a guy’s point of you you’d have to buy three presents within a month time. Fuck it! Can’t you just get one for all three days? 

But no worries. I am here to help. I have a few gift suggestions. They’re cheap, spontaneous and effortless! Hey, what else can a man hope for? So MEN pay attention to these wonderful gift ideas!

1       1. Always carry me with you
What better way to show your partner that you love her than to give her something of you to carry with her all the time?

You’ll need some rope and paper (it can also be toilet paper). Clip or bite off your nails above the paper (you can also pluck a few locks of your hair if you’ve just ran out of nails). Tie up the paper with the rope creating a small sachet and put it on your partner’s pillow. Oh how thrilled she will be!

2       2. Surprise breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed is what all women want for sure. So this year you can surprise her and make her wish come true. But breakfast…it’s so cliché…

Well, some coffee or tea might do. Make a nice steamy cup of coffee or tea for your partner and leave it next to her side of the bed so when she’ll wake up…she’ll know you thought of her. If you aren’t an early bird just prepare it the night before, meaning put a tea or instant coffee bag in a cup and leave a note: ‘add water’. That way she will also have a romantic handwritten note from you. I say: true love never acted to sweet!

3      3. Romantic Walk
All women love to walk and talk and walk and talk some more. Give your partner some quality time and show her that you are such a great listener.

Take her on a surprise walk to the park. Hold her hand and tell her you know she’s the kind of girl who appreciates these kinds of gestures instead of flowers, chocolate, diamonds and all the crap that all the standard women wish for. Tell her you appreciate her for being so different.  Put some music on and enjoy to the fullest!

4    4.  Movie night
Women love movie nights, especially if their partner puts some effort into planning it.

Surprise her with a movie night. Give her some saying in this whole thing. You choose the movie and she can handle the food and drinks. This way she will feel like you two are working together.  Choose something you feel comfortable with like a karate or horror movie. This way you won’t fall asleep half through the movie and you can cuddle up with your girl until the movie ends.

      5. Respectful Dinner
Nothing says more romance than a dinner for two. But times have changed so you should too.
Ask your partner to dinner. Let her choose a restaurant she likes. Don’t be reluctant in letting her pay the bill. Tell her that you appreciate her for being so independent and strong. And do order all the expensive stuff on the Menu, that way she will know you are not holding back on her.

6    6. Shopping surprise
Women love shopping! That’s for sure. Why not invest some time in doing this together?

Tell her you’re taking her shopping but…be spontaneous and take her to a pub instead. She will be so amazed by your sudden surprise that she’ll even buy all the drinks for you.

7    7. Every day is perfect letter
Writing a letter is so old fashioned but that’s how it has become so romantic these days.

Leave a note saying the following:

 ‘I don’t want to celebrate Valentine or any other day dedicated to love because every day is Valentine with you. My gift to you is my love and as long as we have each other what do else do we need?’

Oh you can also just text this to her, no need to make an effort by writing it down. And the good part is that you can copy the text and send it to more than one person…

8    8. Open up: this is me
A woman likes it when a man can open up to her and show her who he truly is.

Surprise your partner by showing her who you really are. The best way to do this is say

‘This is me. I want you to be part of my life.’

Then you can show her how you watch sports, movies, play games or eat a sandwich.

9    9. Quality time texting
Just being there for your partner can mean the world to her.

Spend some time with your partner by sitting at a table, facing each other. Play a little game called ‘No talking, just texting.’ Just look at how happy the couple in the picture is…Must be true!

There you have it, 9 GREAT ideas to celebrate your Valentine. And if you’d like to take it up a notch please check out my article 'Best sexy games of all time' 

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