22 February 2016

Bucharest Spring

Looking back at my life right now I realize that is has been a year since I quit my job in Holland. In April it will be a year since I came to Romania. I can’t believe it has only been a year, so much has happened since then and I have the feeling five years have passed…I hope I haven’t aged five years instead of the one, though I do feel like I matured a bit more. Not necessarily good because I was supposed to lighten up instead of becoming even more serious.

I have been experiencing work here for almost two months and I have to say it’s so much different than in Holland. I love the people and I like the atmosphere. Though I must say that taking the metro every day is quite an adventure. You never quite know what to expect. Sometimes it’s so crowded that you can’t even breathe but when you get out…the freedom is so sweet.  I still miss driving a car but hey, you can’t have them all, maybe one day I’ll have a car or finally finish those motorcycle lessons.

I have experienced the harsh winter weather in Romania though I must say it has been rather mild with me…for now. -20 degrees at night seemed to be my limit and I grew grumpy and irritable realizing that cold weather will never be my friend. Though if I started living in the sun all year long I would eventually take the sun and its warmth for granted.

Today it was almost 20 degrees outside and that gave me the feeling of hope and happiness. Spring is coming and I just love it! Soon 'Martisor' (it won't be like the one in Holland)will be knocking on our doors and Saint Patrick and so many more reasons to go out and celebrate.

I haven’t stopped learning. I learn every day that I must be patient with everything and especially with myself. I shouldn’t force life or love. And I should be thankful for all the people that come into my life and not be sad when some of them leave. Some people are meant to come and leave, don’t judge them, don’t hate them, just be thankful for what they taught you and let them be. Don’t try to change them and don’t try to make up an excuse for their reactions and feelings. I realized that my greatest mistake was seeing people for what they could become instead of what they are. I created too many expectations or created an image in my mind of how that person must be, how great it could become. But I should just look at the person as he or she is and take it for what it is.

Control. That was always my struggle. Being in control of everything and always wanting to know what will happen. But as I had said before, if I have control over every aspect of my life, I will never be surprised and I will never be able to live.

I am happy with my life, what I have accomplished and what I can yet realize. And I am glad I can restart finding joy in the little things. I love taking pictures of how the sky looks when I wake up in the morning. I love discovering new cute cafe’s and chatting with my friends. I love taking my time in studying the art of magic. I want to cherish my life now because that is all I have. I want to close my eyes and be surprised when I’m least expected. I want to listen to new music, see funny plays, just act damn goofy (like me in this picture), meet even more new and strange people, laugh, let go and forget of how life should be or could be. And I want to keep on challenging myself to learn more, see more and stop taking myself so damn serious.


  1. Niguanta, this is a great personal achievement, considering you had heavy doubts half a year ago. Good luck with your work, social life and the search for more Goofiness. I am sure you will succeed. Hope to see you soon in your new habitat. Alain

  2. Sounds great! I'm glad you're so happy (and still goofy). :-)

    1. Hey Joe! Thanks honey :)