10 January 2016

To Do List 2016

Oh people it's time, time for the New, Fresh, Hot and Sexy TO DO LIST 2016! I know you've been waiting all year for this so I won't keep you waiting any longer.

We have some beautiful newcomers this year, some very seductive ladies and of course some of our hunks to whom we've grown just so sticky fond of!

Enjoy and drool away!

1. January: Winter has left me rather warm this year because of AIDAN TURNER's performance in Poldark and in Agatha Christie's And then there were none left. Man, this Irish Hunk already left a great impression in Being Human and in the Hobbit but 2015 was just way too impressive! He's smart, talented and has a great smile...the hot sexy body is just an extra!

2. February: Just to keep us turned on let's have a sweet Valentine's day with no one else than...ZOE SALDANA! She's hot and she ain't easy! Tough little feisty one isn't she? But that look can melt the hearts of a thousand men! We love her and worship her for being so wonderful!

3. March: Ah the beginning of Spring, I feel a bit more positive when I think of my life. And who inspires hope and love more than our beautiful LUKE EVANS? He dresses great and has that badass look on his face that makes you rip his clothes off! Oh sweet Dracula, do compel us and then do whatever you want with us! ;)

4. April: It may be April but mama raised no fool when it comes to JASON STATHAM. We loved him goofing around in 'Spy' and we adore him in every movie he makes. He's the roughest man you've ever met and no one can protect a family better than his hottie! Hold us, want us and never let us go!

5. May: Such a flower month and who else to love this month than the lovely EMILY BLUNT? She is sweet, sexy and can so kick your ass! She's funny and can hang out with the guys anytime she wants. But when she wants to be a woman...oh what a woman she is! Give it up for this wonderful rose!
6. June: My birthday calls up for someone special and who else to celebrate it with than our wonderful, beautiful, absolutely perfect, yes you guessed it! Give it up for...CHRIS HEMSWORTH!!! The perfect family guy, perfect husband, all women want to kidnap him and keep him locked away! So what he get a bit of too much media attention lately, hey, let's face it, this guy deserves it and he is allowed to enjoy it to the fullest! You are a God! (I said a God not God himself so...calm down...;))

7. July: We want hotness, we want to sweat our asses off on the beach and complain about the sun and at night we want to dance till we drop to hot latino music! And who else can help us with it than our wonderful ENRIQUE IGLESIAS! Bailando my heart baby. This guy never grows old or cold!!!

8. August: Something to end the summer with, something sweet and lovely...oh and incredibly breathtaking. We'll keep the latino spirit in and give a big applause to ROSELYN SANCHEZ. We love her crazy sexy character in 'Devious Maids' and we can't keep our eyes off her body, woman or man it doesn't matter, you gotta admit it, you either want her or want to be her!

 9. September: Oh no! It's getting colder and we need someone that knows a thing or two about darkness taking over. Who better than JENSEN ACKLES? He'll keep you away from harm even though you don't even see it coming. You know you loved his demon side and the way he looks at you with that manly incredibly stare, oh and don't get me started on his low sexy voice! Dean, we can't get enough of you!

Really...we can't!

10. October: Why get a date in a Halloween costume when you can get someone who is just representing Halloween itself? Our wonderful IAN SOMERHALDER can't stop being a vampire and why would he? He does it so well! Kill me! Bite me! Turn me! Just don't leave me!

11. November: We can have some November rain on this cutie 'cause nothing will make him look less sophisticated! Our wonderful TRENT FORD! He gets more beautiful as the years pass and his talent never leaves his side. He's sweet, down to earth and loves to keep in touch with his fans! We want to play with you in the snow, hug you and share a hot cocoa, under the blanket close to a fireplace. We adore you!

12. December: time for some magic and I can think of no better witch to help us with this than the mesmerizing JENNA DEWAN. Put a spell on me Jenna! Make me loose my mind, my soul but not my dreams!

This is it for this year my lovely readers! There are so many more to add but hey there are only 12 months in a year so...let's keep it decent ;)

And do tell me, who would you like to add to your list this year?