24 November 2015

A celebrity’s worst nightmare!

We all love celebrities, let’s face it. We admire them and we once in a while imagine ourselves with one of them. Women imagine what it would be like to be married to Charlie Hunnam while men imagine what it would be like to be in Scarlett Johansson.

But there are some limits to be considered and I am afraid fans can go to extremes when it comes to celebrities.

So just to show you how crazy it can get. Here are my top ten…not mine…just the  top 10 scary shit that fasn can do that will freak the shit out of celebrities.

Let me be clear on this. I have not tried any..…all of them…just a few..


1.    Compare your height with the man or woman of your dreams on:

Not…that…I…ever did that. Cause it’s important to know that IF I come across my celebrity I would like him to be taller…it just looks good when we…marry.


Chris Hemsworth Height

Chris Hemsworth is 6' 3" or 1m91 tall.

How tall is Chris Hemsworth compared to you?
Set your height below and find out!

Chris Hemsworth

2.    Being happy when a celebrity couple breaks up. I never understood how this works but sometimes it feels good to know that a certain celebrity is single again, right? Who knows we might cross path one day…somewhere..in a parallel universe…or a fantasy world…


3.    Imagining the babies you will get. Yup, think of how your babies will look like with the celebrity of your dreams. I mean think of how cute Theo James’ kids will look with that perfect tan and dark hair? Oh my God so cute! And we gotta think of their names too!


4.    Wonder if his or her parents would like you. Yes, yes this also can happen. Trying to get on the good side of the parents to get to your celebrity.


5.    Check out how your name will match his last name and wonder if it’s a good fit. Otherwise…not sure if it’s worth the trouble…


6.    Think you are meant to be because the celebrity you like, likes stuff like ‘pasta’ and ‘dogs’. Oh my God we have so much in common!


7.    Sex dreams…moving on…


8.    Post stupid shit on their Facebook pages like you have been friends for like foreva!


9.    Believe that if your celebrity will just take one look at you, you might actually have a chance.


10. Wonder where you are going to live once you are together. A celebrity’s life is just so chaotic, does it fit in my small, tiny, pathetic schedule?

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