29 October 2015

Halloween in Romania

How to spend your Halloween in a country where superstitions and churches still play a very important role? A country where people aren’t very keen on black cats and some actually still believe in vampires (not the cats but the people)? You’d think that Dracula’s birth country just can’t wait for Halloween to come but…you can’t take that for granted…

Well, it ain’t the US or the Netherlands (thank God, have you read my experience then? Check it out First Halloween in Holland ) But here are 5 steps on how to spend your Halloween in Romania.

1. Bitch fight. Get ready, set, go! Get your Halloween candy and decorations on the first day they get in stores. And I mean that very day. This year it was the 22nd of October and I went to the Lidl where they had a big variety of Halloween stuff (they should pay me for this). I thought hey, the store opens at 08.00, if I get there at 08.30 I am pretty sure I will find everything I need…I never expected at that hour, to find a bunch of grannies and grandpa’s pushing each other to get to the Halloween costumes and decorations. I just thought, ‘what the fuck is happening here?’ 

2. Scary noises. Beware of your own decorations. If you buy stuff that make noises out of the blue…be prepared to get scared a few times a day when it goes off for no good reason…funny, it  wasn’t even made in Romania.

3. Intoxication. If you like crafting then make your own decorations. At least it’s safe and noise...free. But you need wine to go with that and a lot of concentration…after a while you will realize ‘you are too drunk for this shit!’

4. Halloween deco? Be careful. Some things are part of Halloween, others are not. The broken buildings you see in the old city center are not just for Halloween, they will still be there the day after. The big fat spider you just saw in my balcony is not fake…it’s real and it will scare your sorry ass. The eerie sounds in the subway? Those stay eerie all year long. I mean did you even notice the look on my grandma’s cat at the beginning of this article (I got that look when I only fed the dog)…if looks could kill, damn!

5. Trick or Treat. Having in mind that you bought way too much candy and nobody actually comes here for trick or treating, sit down in your own witchy suit and eat all the fucking candy till you drop. Then hit the city (surprisingly everything is decorated in Halloween style) and get drunk like fuck!

So key words for spending your Halloween in Romania are: drinking, freaky costumes, scary faces, deteriorated buildings and clubbing…sounds like a regular weekend in Bucharest to me!
 Happy Halloween everyone!


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