05 March 2015

Straight from the heart

These days I catch myself listening to ‘old’ songs from the 90’, 80’, 70’and so on. I listen to the words and smile because they meant so much more back then than the words that are being used in the songs of today. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I find that the music of today has become so meaningless, so empty, if you listen to the words it’s all about sex, well it’s always been about sex but now it’s all so plain, ‘touch me there, touch me here’ ‘do me now, do me there’ etc. etc. It’s basically all I hear when I listen to these songs. I am slightly exaggerating of course but some of you get my point. It seems we used to know how to talk about love, we used to have inspiration, but not anymore. What changed? Did we decide love has taken another level or did we replace love with temporary butterflies and moments of pleasure instead of what can last a lifetime?

I know our nature as a human being is to constantly look for situations in which we can fall in love. Let’s face it, the most addictive drug in this whole universe is falling in love, those butterflies in your stomach, the constant daydreaming, the moment you are about to kiss the one you’re in love with and the way his or her lips makes you feel, shivers down your spine, excitement and the feeling that you can take on the whole world as long as you’re together. Who wouldn’t want that forever? But let’s face it, nothing lasts forever, no matter what you do. You can continue seeking that feeling from lover to lover, travel all across the world to find it but in the end you will realize it was only temporary. What remains is love, pure unconditional love once you discovered all your partner’s crazy habits and he or she discovered yours and you are still together. The unconditional love that makes you fight for each other even though the world is tempting in so many ways. The unconditional love that does not need you to express your love every second because the other person knows, knows that you will be together forever. And of course this can end up in taking each other for granted but it’s something to both work on. And it’s not easy, because where do you draw the line between what unconditional love is and just being used to one another, afraid to never find someone else? I guess it’s all about following your true heart and not the artificial heart we’ve created over the centuries.

I guess the music of today is based on the temporary butterflies, have all the sex you can handle, you only live once etc. etc. but the music of yesterday was wiser, it knew about love and that love has its ups and downs. We have become children when it comes to love while years ago we were adults. We fight for the wrong reasons…Women want to be equal to men in every aspect, they want to be just as powerful as men, be just as emotionless, have just as many meaningless sex nights as men, not be seen as the weaker sex….but weaker sex doesn’t mean we are beneath men. We are more emotional, we are tender, that’s why we are women. And deep down inside, women dream of the gentleman who would treat them like a flower and respect them. Men have become less of what they used to be. Who could blame them, right? Where are the days when a man wasn’t measured by the money in his pocket but by the way he did his best to keep his family alive?   

I am not saying that the past was perfect, I am just saying that love changed and these days when I look around and listen to the crap they put on the radio…I just don’t understand why we have become so shallow and ignorant. We get high on celebrity gossip, gossip is as meaningless as asking my grandma what her chicken had for breakfast. We spend hours and hours on social media looking at other people’s lives instead of taking care of ours, we spend even more hours trying to look as perfect as celebrities do. We are completely shocked when we discover that some celebrity didn’t have a perfect body or skin after all. But we surely know everything is made fake so that we buy the products that are sold, we surely know celebrities look perfect but aren’t, they need to look perfect to fool us into a world that doesn’t exist and make us daydream of perfection. But we do know it doesn’t exist don’t we? We know celebrities are just as human as we are, don’t we?  Well, except for Chris Hemsworth, he’s a God…ha ha but seriously we’ve created a world of shallow perfection when we know that it shouldn’t be perfect. It’s like creating a candy apple, from the outside the candy looks perfect and smooth but on the inside the apple is rotten. But we’ve created this, because we want perfection, we want to be lied and deceived to, we want a dream world where everyone looks and acts perfect.

Where am I getting with this story? How the fuck should I know? I just think we should look at the past and relearn from our mistakes. I saw a text last year written in a what used to be a Romanian prison during the Communism, horrible things happened there and I can take a lot of sadistic facts but what they did there…it’s almost unbelievable. Not that I am comparing this whole story to Communism, I just remembered the words written on one of the walls:

”Cine uită trecutul e condamnat să îl repete.”
(Meaning 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it' - George Santayana)

So stop acting shallow, please, for your sake, remember what you have and if you want to fall in love again do it, you don’t have to find another man or woman to fall in love, just look around you, there are plenty of things to fall in love with. Real things, honest things. Visit a new place, meet new people, hear their stories and fall in love with the world because the world is so much bigger than you think. Why do you think I write stories? I like to fall in love over and over and over again, dream away and think of a world where everything is imperfect but perfect because of it.
Falling in love with his smile
Falling in love with Gumbet, one of the most beautiful places on Earth (to me)

London, loving it for all of its secrets and wonders.

Falling in love with a picture just because it looks real

Being at home, eating and doing the things I love best

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