13 March 2015

10 reasons why Trent Ford is a vampire

Usually I don’t write these kind of articles. I just don’t like putting someone on a pedestal, especially a celebrity because I just don’t actually know the person. But I promise this article is a funny one and I hope you like it. It’s also a wakeup call to me and to everyone out there who cares to think about it. Trent Ford was in a Calvin Klein commercial together with Scarlett Johansson. It’s one of my favorite commercials. Yet, if you search this commercial on YouTube the first name that you come across is Scarlett’s name, as if Trent played no part in making the commercial. It sounds strange and he probably disagrees but it seems we sometimes forget to appreciate real actors just because they don’t play the standard movies we all expect them to be in, just because they are different, just because they don’t follow everyone else. And it’s not just him but there are so many actors, singers, artists out there that are not appreciated for their talent. Why? Because they dare to be different and don’t act and look the way everyone else expects them to? Ok, ok, I won’t bore you with my opinion any longer, I just want to say: see beauty where it really is, dare to think and be different because that is what makes us real.

And to appreciate Trent for all the inspiration he intoxicated me with, here are the 10 reasons why I believe (and what I believe is usually true…) that our dear Trent is 100% a vampire.

1. Immortal. Ok, let’s face it, when he was 24 he looked like 18, when he turned 27, he looked like 20 and now he looks dangerously hot at 36. He does not age and that is a pretty good sign that he belongs to the undead.

2. Experience. Have you ever looked in those eyes, in every picture, the way he stared back at you? His stare is even more piercing than the Mona Lisa. Those eyes tell us that he has seen a lot, that he went through many ups and downs but whatever he went through, whatever he saw…those secrets will never be revealed.

3. Hidden talents. Has anyone noticed his short appearance in The Vampire Diaries? No one wonders why they didn’t want to keep the camera on him for too long, why they couldn’t show him too often in the show? And why they never gave him the role of Damon even though we all know he would have done a damn good job at it? Well….there is only one reason: not to raise suspicions! If he had played the part of the vampire for too long, people would have realized that he played the part very well…too well…the vampire community could not have afforded that.

4. Sexuality. Both men and women are attracted to him. There is something about him that appeals to both sexes and we all know that vampires have a charisma that can charm any race and any gender. Hello!!! The ‘How to deal’ and ‘Burning Blue’ movies! You can’t argue with that!

5. Mesmerized. Have you noticed how Scarlett actually stares at Trent in that commercial? Have you seen how she smiles and how she looks at him in a way no other man could have possibly been able to make her look on that moment, at that time? Did she almost look….compelled? Need I say more?

6. Tutu. No one can pull off a tutu and still look manly. No one! Well at least…no human being…

7. Conquests. He wears a necklace around his neck with beads he collects every time he goes to a new place... (Perhaps he carries some dirt with him from his birth land which I assume is Romania around the 15th century). But let me ask you something, where does he get the beads? Do you actually believe he buys them…or are they reminders of his love conquests after he bites them?

8. Wise. Have you watched any of his interviews? Did you ever listen to his advice or listen to the things he says? Example?

- About love
Yesterday I was asked frequently, many, many times whether true love exists, whether love exists, [and] whether I believe in it. It’s kind of a ridiculous question to be quite frank, because you either know yourself or you don’t know. What is my telling you going to do for you at all? What I’ve noticed is that as people kept asking me this question, what they were really asking is, "Do you think you can survive against the incursions and the fears that we have in our life already?"
- About the way he thinks
Some people think before they jump off a wall, some people think whether to get up on the wall at all, and I think as I'm jumping off the wall. And generally what I'm thinking is, Oh shit! (he laughs)(…) It means you break a lot of bones, but it also means you have a hell of a lot of fun.
-Advice to people who start in the same industry he did (acting, modeling, blood drinking etc.)
Get your education, do something else! I think that one thing can make an actor attractive or very unattractive: desperation. Desperation stinks.
He sounds too wise, doesn’t he? Like he’s been on this world…forever?

9. Music. He collects a lot of CD’s….does he now? Or does he possess that thousands of CD’s collection just by being on this Earth a little longer than any of us have or can? How many CD's would you have if you were already alive when the first one appeared on the market? Just think about it...

10. Always on the move. He moved a lot as a child. Some of us do too but this guy…he did it for a whole other reason. He had to move! People around him realized he wasn’t aging at all! Who knows where he'll go next?

So here you have it. If you aren’t convinced yet then that’s your problem! But please, please don’t go around making plans on how to unmask Trent for his secret. He may be a vampire, but he is a damn pretty one! And let me end this article with one of my favorite Trent quotes…just saying…he kinda confesses himself here:

‘You don’t become an actor to be rich, I don’t think, but you hope to be immortal.’
Well Trent...I guess you were able to do that after all :)



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