24 January 2015

My To Do List 2015

And now I present to you, the article that you sick fucks like to read the most, the article you’ve been waiting for, the article that makes a whole year worth waiting for, the article that brings meaning and sense into your life…the...wait...did I exaggerate? All right then, let me present to you: My To Do List for 2015! Enjoy!


Because ‘baby it’s still cold outside’  and I know he can sing it well, I would like to spend these cold freezing days and nights, just like last year, cuddling with the delicious and Welsh actor Luke Evans. You won’t catch me step one foot outside that bed because Luke is the type of guy that makes you feel protected, comfortable and loved. Don’t forget his role as Dracula leaving me with bloodsucking butterflies, and his role as the dragon slayer in The Hobbit. Luke, baby, I know you really can’t stay but baby it’s cold outside…

Valentine’s month, romance and candlelight and well…who else to take out to dinner than someone who looks absolutely dashing in a suit? Yes, my good people, Jason Statham can make any suit look gorgeous. He is smooth, sophisticated and if someone tries to hit on me, well…he always wears a gun. Happy Valentine sweet Jason!
Because it’s the beginning of spring and I always think of home I would like to dedicate this month to Romania’s hot and talented singer, Ami! She is cute, sweet but can also be very sensual when she looks at you with those innocent eyes and starts singing in Spanish. Oh sweet Ami, take me to Costa Rica baby!

Just like I thought when he turned in a demon, it must be April’s Fool Day because there is no way in hell Dean Winchester is going down like this. Then I thought, hmmm…Dean a demon…it does has something naughty about it, doesn’t it? He is one my favorites, ladies and gentlemen and for four years in a row Dean is here to stay. But I must say I prefer the real Dean than the demon version having in mind that Dean is normally taugh and mean enough.

Nice and smooth spring nights take me out on cigarette brakes. But what’s a smoke if there is no fire? Jax takes control of that fire with his badass attitude and his perfecly carved body. He can take me anywhere as long as he wears his jacket and rides his motorcycle. Charlie Hunnam is new to the list so go easy on him, will you?


My birthday month has no other favorite than well…must I spell it out for you? His name is like music to my ears…Chris Hemsworth. Australia must be proud of you and stop being so modest in becoming The Sexiest Man alive. It’s like saying the sun is bright…Mona Lisa is just a painting, a rose is just a flower...Thor is just a God...

On this burning month of July what else can you do than to lay on the beach and let the warmth of the sun tingle across your skin? And when you’ve got Ariana Grande next to you then you know your summer will be hot and steamy. You should wear that skirt more often Ariana darling, it makes me feel like summer every day.

This spot was originally dedicated to Jamie Dornan. But after seeing 50 shades of crap...I had to take the necessary measures and disown him of this privilige. Sorry Jamie, this hottest oven month of the year has been taken over by British hotness Alex Pettyfer. He ain't the most handsome fellow but he has sex appeal which is more important. There is also this nostalgia about him (maybe because he's still so young) that just makes me fall 'Endlessly in love' with him. Loved him in that movie and in 'Beastly'. Welcome to the club Alex. 


 You gotta appreciate him in loving animals so much and to tell you a secret, I think the animals have a thing for him too. I mean, just look at that cat's smug, it's like she's saying 'that's right bitches, he's cuddling me!'  The summer is over folks, but no worries because Damon Salvatore is here to make it all hot.And if you feel cold then it probably isn’t the wind but the fact that Damon decided to take a sip out of your little neck. Come on, it’s not like you wouldn't allow it.
I never liked the story of Peter Pan much, not until…well...I never knew that Captain Hook became so damn sexy. The Irish Colin O’Donoghue caught my eyes and send my heart flying like it were high on pixie dust. His eyes are mesmerizing and his smile is always hiding something. So Captain Hook take me to that crazy Halloween party and let’s go wild!

Who else to have beside you on those cold, lonely and deserted nights, who other than Sergeant Drake himself? With Jerome Flynn you feel safe and his honesty makes you believe in humanity again. Oh and yes he plays an assassin in Game of Thrones but hey, the man has got to make a living. Thank you Sergeant Drake for keeping the streets of  Whitechapel safe once more. Now take me in your arms and show me what a gentleman is all about!
It’s winter and I can’t take my mind off the winter soldier…Romanian actor Sebastian Stan always takes me home and I would like him to do that all December long. Make me celebrate Christmas on a whole different level! And on New Year’s Eve…let the fireworks come, sweetheart! Give it up for the Winter Soldier or Once Upon a Time's Mad Hatter :)

 So this is the list for 2015. I hope you enjoyed it and keep me up to date with any new hotties I should post for 2016!

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