15 November 2014

Are you scared yet?

Take a look at these articles, many are inspired from my childhood in Romania and my grandma's stories but some are just based on my sick imagination.

Get the strigoi off my back!
A horror story told by my grandma when I was a child. She heard it when she was a child as well and it all happened in a little place called Fierbinti Targ, Romania. A story that still bring chills to my spine...

Graveyard Soldier
A bizarre, tragic story that actually happened in a village close to Fierbinti Targ, Romania.

Ielele, the ladies of the dawn
The Romanian nymphs and the deadly magic that surrounds them.

Bloody teardrops
A polite conversation in an ordinary train...then again...maybe not so polite, maybe not so ordinary at all.

Apple Tree
Another true story my grandma told me about her grandfather, love and...an apple tree.

El Dia de los Muertos
The Halloween party I went to and the remarkable experience I had.

Letters of the broken hearts
When love just means love even though the lovers aren't human.

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