05 August 2014


Dreamers are stupid. They can't think straight, they're always with their heads in the clouds, always unpredictable, can't rely on them. They are always on the verge of going insane and even talk to themselves sometimes.

Dreamers are horrible partners. You can't hold them too tight or too loose. They're always thinking of a perfect passionate love and the perfect partner, so perfect that she or he might not even exist. Dreamers get their hearts broken more often than anyone else because when they love, they can't let go.

Dreamers are the best liars. They can smile and tell you they're fine but they're actually in their own world where all is well because reality makes them miserable.

Dreamers are dreadful listeners. You might think they are listening to you but on that very moment they are creating a parallel universe where everything is filled with adventure, dragons, vampires, werewolves, breath taking worlds, fairies, murder cases, horror stories and so on.

Dreamers are the worst planners. They make horrible decisions, impulsive choices or just can't make a decision at all and prefer living in their own fantasy bubble.

Dreamers are terrible workers. They daydream all day long. To them work is too boring in comparison to the things that take place in their pretty little heads.

Dreamers are the worst I tell you! Never get one! Never be near one! Never listen to one! Trust me! Take it from a dreamer...

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  1. Dear Linda,I wish you best of luck..
    Tamer Radwan, Egypt.