11 March 2014

Board me baby one more time

This is the second time I had the honour to attend the Board game convention in Gouda, thanks to Spelgroep Gouda the wanderers of light. And it was once again in the lovely building Concordia in Gouda.

It was a warm, sunny day and when I came at the location I was greeted with just as much warmth accompanied by lovely and sunny faces of the members of Spelgroep Gouda. They even arranged a special table for me where I could present my books.

I also had the honour of meeting another fellow writer, Marieke Frankema who shared with me two of her creations written in Dutch. Not only is she kind and friendly but she also has a great personality and positive energy, something that I believe her books also reflect. We talked about our books and about being a writer and it was great to meet someone who also shares my kind of spirituality and creativity.

But the day would not have been perfect if I hadn't joined in some board game fun. I played a game called Countdown Special Ops. One of the designers, Hans van Tol himself, was there to explain the rules and talks us through the game. It was a great, fun game based on strategy and teamwork and I recommend it to all those who like special missions and campaigns. The Game Master is responsible for this game so feel free to check out their site any time.

In conclusion, it was great to be surrounded by people who enjoy each other's company and who do not only like fantasy but also like to share it with each other. The atmosphere is invigorating and the people are simply pure. Thank you Wanderers of Light once more for this great opportunity!



  1. There's only one board game that really maters, and that's RCB's Blogger Board. Didn't you know? No?

    Yes, I'm back. I'm feeling pretty much alive, too.

    1. Oh yes, I know it and I love playing it :) You look pretty much alive indeed :) aside from that oddly looking bluish skin colour ;)