17 February 2014

Meet My Book

Standing before a crowd, holding a microphone in your hand and facing all those eyes that look back at you. Telling them your story, your creation, why you are standing before them while everyone listens and smiles. What better book presentation can you hope for? Yesterday I had my very first book presentation and aside the nausea and total terror facing a crowd, I actually loved it!

All of this could not have been possible without the American Book Centre (ABC). Who is The ABC you ask? Well, in 1972, two Americans, Sam and Mitch, opened up a bargain bookstore next to Madame Tussaud’s in Amsterdam. Then in 1974 another store opened in The Hague. These two stores have remained ever since and they have become a sanctuary to all English book lovers. I don't think I have ever looked for a book they did not have. Aside the warm and beautiful buildings the people that work there are almost BFF level friendly and honest.

I was heartily welcomed by THE one and only ABC’s owner and director Lynn Buller. Lynn joined The ABC in 1972 while on vacation in the Netherlands from her home in Minnesota. In 1983 she bought the company along with her husband. Lynn believes that The ABC’s greatest strength is its people and man, is she right about that! It's refreshing and great to meet someone who is so devoted to her work and her people at the same time.

Before I gave my presentation I also had the honour to be introduced by the talented and enthusiastic David Beckett. David is a professional publisher and public speaker with over 20 years of experience in both Corporate and Entrepreneurial business. His passion is to create great presentations, and to coach others in developing their communication skills.

It was great to be surrounded by a group of such talented people, enthusiastic supporters and fellow writers. Everyone was genuinely interested and happy to be there and that made this first book presentation a moment to never forget.

If you are not living in the Netherlands and you by any chance pass by Amsterdam or the Hague please pay a visit to these wonderful bookstores. Also check out the upcoming events on: http://www.abc.nl/ and more information about this treasure holding company. And you really should check out David Beckett's site and the things he could do for you on http://best3minutes.com/. And who knows, perhaps I will see you at the next Meet My Book event presenting your very own creation.


07 February 2014

Being you is being free

Look at the world, not when it's moving but when it stands still
Admire the flowers, admire them more in winter time
Look at the sky and pick a date with the sun
Avoid the raindrops but not the rain
Watch movies but don't let them consume you
Close your eyes when you taste something good
Don't fill the silence with pointless words
Entangle your fingers and watch them hold
Smile in the mirror not knowing why
Look in someone's eyes and see their subtle colour
Fall in love with things that can't love back
Dream of things that make you sing out loud