03 January 2014

My To Do List 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2014 finds you well. I've spend New Year in Holland and I must say...I realized next year I should be...some place else, a place where they have snow and mountains, a place where people dance freely and drink cocktails all night long, a sweet place called...Romania :) But the year has just begun so there is a long way until then.

The tradition remains also for this year to have a To Do List. And this year I decided to add some Romanian culture to it all...

Well, well, he looked pretty lonely raising three kids on his own, his wife dead and all, if that's no chick magnet than what is? Guys please don't try that at home. Luke Evans decided to make
an amazing appearance in The Hobbit as Bard the Bowman, and what an appearance it was. Besides, he is planning on becoming Vlad Tepes and
The Crow...step carefully Luke,
step with extreme care...

The Romanian butterflies embrace Valentine's Day just like we'd embrace our lovely Elena Gheorghe. Not only does she have great songs, she also has talent and a love burning body.

It's the month when we celebrate Martisorul on the 1st of March and woman's day on the 8th of March...so it's the month for Romanian traditions and presents. It's time for our one and only Sebastian Stan also known as the Mad Hatter. In Once Upon a Time he's tormented, crazy but also sweet and just adorable. Sebastian you bring spring to my heart!

With Easter coming, all we need is our own Easter Bunny. And who could be a sweeter bunny than our own faithful Shakira? We haven't heard much from her lately but I am sure she will sing to us soon with her lovely voice and body.

Almost summer and we want to let the flowery scent and bird chirping enter our homes. He is not the hottest and does not have that sixpack we always search for but he is a good guy. He is caring, a true friend and his home makes us feel safe. Give it up for Monroe from the Grimm series, Silas Weir Mitchell. With such a rare and special personality he had to be part of this special list. And yeah I'd do him!

The month in which I was born and that means I must have what I always want for my birthday! The Aussie Chris Hemsworth, because he is Chris Hemsworth! He's made it through Thor 2 and Rush looking fine and divine! And do not forget that his wife is like 25% Romanian so with Chris I feel like I am a little bit at home.

The hot months are coming up and with hot months we need hot stuff. Just like Antonia, she has her songs and her moves but what is really special about her is that she is just so damned hot! I guess it's all part of having Romanian blood flow through those pretty veins of hers.

Those beautiful evenings on the beach looking at the sunsets and dreaming away. Who to share those evenings with than with our lovely, sweet Dean Winchester? He'll bring a few beers for sure and I wouldn't mind a little smoke as well. Jensen Ackles, you make those nights priceless.


He's got a hot body and he can kick any man's ass anytime, anywhere. He was Bane and Batman pissed in his pants because of him. He was one of the brothers fighting almost till death in the ring. But not many people know that he was also Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. And he was gorgeous and perfect!

Anyone who thinks this guy has got more muscles than brains is wrong because Tom Hardy has it all and he is so cute with animals. With all the rain and wind this season I just want to cuddle next to Tommie...

Halloween coming up so what's better than fang marks all over your body? Even though he has become rather cocky and arrogant taking his role as Damon Salvatore a bit too serious, I still can't escape his puppy eyes. Damn you, damn you Ian Somerhalder!

If anyone tries to stop the Ripper Street serie, I will personaly shoot them dead. So I am hoping for their sake that they will continue the show because it's one of the best shows ever made! Just try it and you will see its beauty and magic.

Among the other talents in this show I have grown rather fond of Captain Homer Jackson breathtakingly played by Adam Rothenberg. He is smart, reckless, nuts but so damn sympathetic so I can't help myself but to fall in love with him! The November dark nights will find me in the Whitechapel Streets with this pretty gentleman at my side. Please don't kill me Long Susan!


Kili, Kili, Kili what am I to do with you? The Irish Aidan Turner turned heads in the Being Human series and now even as a dwarf he is still turning heads, though they must aim a little lower. He's got that look in his eyes that makes you forget about his length and makes you want to kiss him under the misletoe.  I want Kili under my Christmas tree and with his length I am sure he will even fit!


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