24 January 2014


Here I am sitting at my laptop with hot cocoa on my left and some kind of cereal porridge on my right thinking hmmm....how can I change that cocoa in a Pina Colada and those cereals in a Margarita?

No, today I am not talking about my alcohol problem, not that I have one...Today I want to talk about those holy days...holiday!

It's freaking January and all I can think of is sun, beach and dancing my ass off. And I realize I still have months to go. Unless I have a lot of money to go to a warm country right now, and my job allows it (though if I had a lot of money I wouldn't need a job, would I?)

Remember those days when people just went to other countries to learn? I mean before our Era of the Damned began and before we got stuck to a 60 hour job a week. People used to have a lot of free time. And people travelled, not because they were going on a holiday but because the world was out there for them to explore and they wanted to learn a thing or two. These days you have to wait a whole year for a couple of lousy weeks of holiday in which you can sleep all you want, rediscover your jolly personality and actually live a little bit. That is for the people who actually afford to go on a holiday. The others are completely doomed.

Can you believe the fact that we actually call them holidays when all we do is actually stop working for a moment and try to breathe? Something we should be able to do every day. I mean don't you ever come back from a holiday and think, man it was so great but now it feels like an illusion? Isn't it strange that you have to readjust to your ordinary life again? When was our right to rest in life taken? We need to apply to get some free time, beg for it, plan it, pay for it and of course in some cases the holiday can suck as well. It's a damned shame that we need to buy our free time and perhaps even a little bit of happiness. You can't buy happiness, I hear the rich people say....well I think poor people have another opinion on that. Not that I am poor, I mean I have a roof above my head and a meal on the table, something that some people don't. But you get my point. Right? Do you...really get my point? Cause now I kinda lost the point of this blog. Man, I have no idea, maybe I just miss the sun too much.

I miss those evenings sitting on the beach and looking at the sunset,

those days when a shirt and short pants will do just fine,

that feeling that you are free and that for the next days you don't have to worry about a thing in the world,

tasting food and having the feeling you haven't eaten that good in months,

feeling the sun burning on your skin and letting it go away with it,

loving and being in love with everything and everyone around you because at that moment life is good and you are happy.

Anyone missing that too? Shouldn't our lives feel like that every single day?


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