26 November 2013

Long Live Board gaming!

For promoting my book, I was invited to a Board game gathering in the lovely city of Gouda.

I arrived on time though the weather was crap and soon I was facing broad doors with the name of Concordia written on them. They looked impressive and what was even more fun was that I had to ring a bell to get in. The doors opened wide and I entered an old building with wooden staircases leading to the upper floors.

When I entered the main room I was just amazed of the room setting and the furniture. It looked so beautiful and authentic. I discovered that this building used to be and still was a society (men) club which made it even more intriguing. It was build on the 15th of October 1870 under the name of Fidei et Virtuti and the history since than is just as moving as the building itself.

I was greeted by the ones that made this day possible, the Gamegroup of Gouda called The Wanderers of Light. They were all busy getting ready for the game event. There was a bar where I could order a drink and dear Paul was very nice and sweet to everyone. Then I found my friend and one of the Wanderers of Light leaders, Frank Wils who was also busy getting all the games on the tables in the right order and place. The thing that amazed the most was that they were doing all of this for free though they themselves have to pay to rent the Concordia building. They basically organize gatherings where people can come and try out board games for free, while one of the member of the Gamegroup explains the rules and sometimes even joins in. All you have to pay for is your own drink or food but the prices are amazingly cheap and with the friendliness of Paul, it all makes it worth while.

Before I knew it the bell downstairs kept on ringing and more and more people started storming in. I joined in a table where they played a game called Black Stories. Though famous I am sure, I hadn't played it before and it was fun but very frustrating to guess. Basically one person reads out a sentence, usually having to do with a murder or a twist and the others need to guess how the story goes. It was a lot of fun to do it especially because you can use all your imagination :)

Later on I joined in an RPG game called the EarthDawn. I had never played an RPG before, well except on computer but this was a whole new experience for me. I was a Troubadour and must say not doing a very good job at it. But hey, can't win the first time right? And it's not so much in winning as in working together.

Anyway I wanted to share this experience with you guys and if you are ever in Gouda and there is a game fair organized by the Wanderers of Light please pay them a visit. They are amazingly friendly, enthusiastic and they do it for the love of boardgames! You can visit them at http://www.thewanderersoflight.nl and http://www.goudsespellendag.nl


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