12 February 2013

Ladies, let it be their Valentine for once!

Women want romance. No, we demand it! We want poems, music, heart shaped chocolates, roses, teddy cute cards and declarations that come straight from the heart. We want men to show us all the emotions they feel for us and make an effort in surprising us with things we never thought they could do. So in conclusion one can only imagine how much men hate Valentine's Day! Hate it. Why? Because it MAKES them do sweet things and men can't be MADE into doing anything, especially when it comes to showing their love. So single men say 'I'm glad I don't have to go through this shit', single women think 'oh, I am all alone on Valentine's day' and couples think 'oh man, there is that uncomfortable day again when we're not sure what to give or what to expect.'

It is a fact, there may be some exceptions but it is a fact that women expect more on Valentine than men do. I mean, it's the Love day, it's our day and not theirs because it has to do with love. And men don't like love shit right? But, we want men to be in it just as much as we do. Basically we expect the unexpected. We want to be surprised though we know it's Valentine and men are supposed to bring us presents. So imagine the disapointment when we don't get shit. Oh hell, all men know that look and those eyes when they come home with no presents. So this whole Valentine day is like an exam for men. And if you're in a new fresh relationship and the guy doesn't get a present, oh shit man then you're burned big time! Though a guy in that situation would never do that having in mind that all the presents he buys in the beginning is in order to get some. And who could blame him?

So let me suggest something new for this year. Instead of us, the women, single or doomed, waiting for the things we probably won't get because men are men, get off your asses and do something for the men instead. No, I don't mean get him flowers and hearty warty stuff. Just get him something he likes and that still makes him feel like he has a dick. Dress up nice, cook some nice meat, put out and go with him to any movie he chooses (as we all know how much men love those Valentine movies, I assume they will choose for something a little bit more...red). And for the record if you are single, any man would do. Just do something nice for a man.

Let the men feel like it's their day for once....But ladies, don't do that every year, we don't want to spoil them :)



  1. Hey Linda,
    Af en toe een verrassing voor de man is ook wel leuk. Goed idee :D Naar nieuwe die hard film, zou ik zeggen. En wat lekkers bakken of kopen. Dan kun je zelf nog beetje mee profiteren, hahaha.
    Leuk dat je zoveel schrijft. Ik wist niet dat je dat deed en dat je dat leuk vindt. Jammer dat het meeste engels is, daar ben ik helaas niet echt heel goed in. Maar jah... Heel veel succes met je blogg :D

    1. Hey Reena,

      Thanks dat je mijn blog bezoekt! Ja precies! Ik zal af en toe ook artikelen in het NL plaatsen. Check out mijn werewolfmoord verhaal, misschien vind je die leuk.