23 November 2012

Happy end of the world!

With this ends the commercial of the new Axe fragrance and it very much suits my topic for today. If the end of the world is indeed the 21st of December then I guess we have less than a month to do everything we were planning to do in a lifetime. Though I think most of us will just, eat, shit, watch the new Hobbit movie and die by the time the world will come to an end.

What if the end of the world does not take place this soon? Do we still deserve a second chance? I don’t know if you’ve looked around you lately but the world is becoming harsher with the second. Not that it was all peachy in the medieval times, but hey, back then, if you didn’t like someone you could have just chopped his head off, so there was some kind of justice back then. People ate more healthy…more or less and everything you bought was more natural than these days, including women J And that joke would have been funny back then but not anymore. Now we have feminism that only applies in some cases, we are equal but hell men still have to treat us like the…tender sex. Now we have rules that only apply to some, taxes that only apply to poor people, justice that only applies to the dishonest ones, healthy food and great clothes for the ones that did nothing but fart their whole life long and the beautiful digital world that brings us closer to one another…on our iphone screen.

It is true, we don’t have the old diseases and plagues anymore but hey we have cancer and that beats it all. Though we know there is a cure for it, we don’t receive it because then, there would be too many people on earth and where would the rich people find their peaceful common-people free places?

We don’t work that much anymore but now we have offices and big buildings where everyone wastes away from dusk till dawn or was it the other way around? People that used to make a living with their bare hands aren’t good anymore. They need to work on computers, their skills being misunderstood for lack of education. And education? Man don’t get me started on that one. We know less then yesterday and today we know more than tomorrow. History became history. Now the more important things in life is what you wear, where you go on vacation, what you own and who you hang around with.

How many of us still care about the rest, how many of us realize that we’re on the verge of going extinct, a new inhuman race about to emerge: the ignorant society hiding behind the digital and fast world of today? Wars still take place and people still kill each other on a daily basis but hey, it ain’t happening on my street. Don’t get me wrong, I am not any better but I certainly ain’t worse.

So no end of the world? Can’t say I won’t be a little disappointed. I am not sure if I want to witness this world fading away, the goodness and beauty only to be found in hidden corners and behind shy drapes. Love being misunderstood for sex and sex for love. Paper running our world yet it is almost the same paper that we use to wipe our asses with…No, I’d rather it stops now. Make it end with Ragnarok, make the world explode and then…just as softly as it was brutal, make it rebuild itself and let us start all over again. And that is what I call a second chance.


  1. Someone I know wrote this:

    Whaaaaaa I just read this!!! How cool is that! 'Congrats stranger! A little late..well...very late actually but hey why not. And Mrs. Always Right...i hope this won't sound...strange...and it will..you are freakin hot! I mean, you are very beautiful! Sorry once again for this late reaction but I am very happy for you! Though if something happened in the meanwhile this message will be disturbingly misplaced...'

    Could you copy & paste those eternal words in my new blog, stranger, while I go hide and blush somewhere else :) Yes, you've made my day, alright.


  2. P.S. I realise all too well I'm on the verge of extinction, Nig. So many people I know have died in the past few months, it would be very difficult to remain oblivious. But, hey, we're still around. How's life? Better yet, come & visit my new virtual spot and tell me all about it.