30 October 2012


We still celebrate it though the Romans tried to take it from us, changing it in the treacherous All Hallows' Eve. We are still here, though you pass us by thinking we belong to the background of your simple, pitiful life. We have waited all year long, planned it carefully so when it comes we will be ready.

You think you belong to it? Carving out pumpkins, painting your face and watching scary movies? Ah, but you are a mere fool, for Halloween has more to it than monsters and witches. It's so much more though you cannot comprehend. We, on the other side, understand it, feel it and await the witching hour as the minutes pass.

You stay in your little home, on your little couch and pretend it's all a game. But it is safe for you to stay in than out. Pray to your Gods you do not meet us in the night, if you hear those footsteps following you, don't look behind, sleep on time and forget the night is even special because then, perhaps that way you may be able to save your soul.

We will stalk the night, we'll wake up the dead, we will unleash the creatures that hide every year awaiting their moment of salvation. We will cry to the moon and it will hear us. For those who understand it, it's the most beautiful thing you can ever imagine. We will walk right across your home, your street and you won't even notice for it is Halloween the night for those who truly see and an innocent, candy eating night for the blind.

Go home on time, sleep in your little bed for the night belongs to us and we will enjoy it to the spine shivering fullest...

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  1. Hi there stranger. My house and couch are quite big but I catch your drift alright. Ever since I was gifted a brandnew Galaxy S3, I feel like a creature of the night myself.

    P.S. I've had to rebuild my blog from scratch (don't ask) and my new address is www.thebluegrumpster.blogspot.com .