05 October 2012

Gusttavo Lima, nós te amamos!

Yesterday I took my mom to see Gusttavo Lima in Amsterdam, The Sand. Who the fuck is Gusttavo Lima, you ask? Well his name is actually Nivaldo Batista Lima, a Brazilian 23 year old singer of Brazilian country music. His best known single is Balada Boa (Tchê Tcherere Tchê Tchê). I saw some live shows on youtube and I found him outstanding, especially the mix of confidence and modesty as he sat on a chair, sang and played his guitar as if among friends.

So, yesterday we went to see our golden boy and the show started at 19.00. That’s what it said on the tickets and all over internet, the show starts at 19.00. So we were there at 18.45. Of course we knew there would be some opening act or something because no show actually starts at exactly 19.00 but we wanted to be there on time. I didn’t realize that by saying ‘starts’ it meant ‘the doors open at’. And there we were standing in line, in the beautiful Dutch rain and coldness. At about 19.15 we started moving and after a good old frisking (they almost threw away my vitamin C ‘cause it might have been drugs…), we were inside. Well we had to pay for everything, lockers, bathroom, drinks though the last one is just normal (although it would be nice to get a free drink once in a while). We sat down, close to the stage and the music eventually made us shake our shoulders a little bit. They were playing Michel Teló, yet another Brazilian celebrity. It was 20.00 and I watched the stage, it looked very peaceful. The crowd was mostly Brazilian, mixed with some lost Dutch people and other cultures. I like the Brazilian music and the people are so warm and friendly, though some men need to shake their asses a little less when they dance...Then it was 20.30 some were rehearsing for the big show but then at 20.45 they left. At that moment a host came on stage making the crowd go wild for our Gusttavo Lima. Of course he spoke Brazilian and we didn’t understand a word but the enthusiasm we understood, until his mouth would not shut up and then it got boring. At 21.00 he left and there was music again which was even repeating itself by now. The band was still lurking around and trying out their instruments. Then the guy came again, then he left and then eventually at 21.20 when I reached my boiling points he introduced our lovely Gusty.

The crowd was going wild but the sound was terrible (not to mention that a Brazilian enthousiastic fan was constantly waving a Brazilian flag blocking my view). And sometimes it was just a lot of  messy noise. But our Gusty managed. He looked different then the way I saw him in his youtube concerts. He changed his hair in a half shaven half ‘wildy’ peacock style, he had worked out showing off his muscles and he got himself some new tattoos. He wasn’t that modest anymore and perhaps that made him less charming in my eyes. But I guess seeing all those starving, screaming girls all around you, wanting to rip the clothes off your body, that does something to a young man. Even so, he still has a great, absolutely incredible voice, his energy is contagious and luckily he still got that cute little ass of his that he slowly shook from time to time followed by enthusiastic female and certainly also male cries.

And so in conclusion, Gusttavo Lima, you were great, though I am not completely happy with your Hollywood change. But please, I beg you, next time, don’t keep us waiting that long.

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  1. Some men need to shake their asses a little less when they dance... is that a fact? :D