11 September 2012


Has it been that long? I realize I haven't posted in a while and that we are in the month September now...how did time fly so fast? I had the feeling Eye was getting ready for the summer and here we are, winter again. Well, first autumn but in Holland I just call it winter already. It's time for the movies, tv shows and computer games to make their way through my life again. Though my eyes still aren't coping that well with intensive activities. Oh well, it could have been worse. Know that expression 'no matter how bad you feel it can always get worse?' Fuck that expression. Who came up with it? We gotta change it, anyone any bright ideas?

So, I ain't here to depress you guys. We gotta make something out of the dark months coming ahead. I mean...YOLO. Anyone know this shit? YOLO = you only live once. What a great smart thing to say. 'Hey man, I fucked up.' 'Well bro, go out have fun, yolo.' 'Hey honey, I just shoved an axe in our neighbour's head.' 'Oh darling, yolo.' Who the fuck came up with this YOLO crap?  I say KMA.

Anyhooters...moving on to the highlights of my past few weeks: came back from Romania, great time, nice weather, went too fast etc. etc. Went to see Nickelback last Sunday and I loved them (I will forgive them for hanging out with Avril Lavigne) and Daughtry was the opening act so I screamed, jumped and danced my ass off. Saw the movie, 'Ted'. I recommend it to everyone. I love a teddybear who swears, gets high and beats up Marky Mark. But seriously, it was great so go and watch it...oh and get a teddybear and make a wish for it to come alive. I did that last night so I am still waiting for it to walk in the room any moment now...Moving on...still busy with the last changes in my book and I will proudly present it to you...so very sooooonnnn....;). And went to a book convension where my heaven awaited with oh so many books to buy. Got me a couple of course and they will be standing in line to be read...maybe my teddy can help me...

And looking at the next months I will be checking out the Elffantasy fair (it's dorkish but hey, yolo).  I'll stop by the Kamasutra convension...hope the teddy will come to live 'till then so I can take him with me and enjoy his filthy comments. Gotta get prepared for Halloween. No, no, no not like last year, http://www.niguanta.blogspot.nl/2011/10/my-fist-halloween-in-holland-and-it-was.html this year I will keep the doors closed and will decorate the house in a blood gushing, guts hanging 'ambiance' and get lots of booze and horror movies and invite some friends over...their teddy's are also welcome. I might check out Germany for a weekend, see what they've been up to and plan some cool trips for next year. I know it doesn't sound much but we'll make up some new cool activities as we go along.

Hope all of you are doing well and if the dark times are making you feel like shit, plan some nice things the next months and get in that 'I can see my guts falling down the floor' mood for the oh so wonderful Halloween. And don't forget...yolo...

ps: My teddybear just came to life and he said: fuck YOLO! (just the expression, not Yolo County, California)


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