11 March 2012

Eye See You

Sorry for not posting in a while but unfortunately eye am experiencing some functional problems, meaning my right eye is fucked up. Not something very serious...so they told me but eye can't read or write too long as my eye starts to hurt. It's called dry eyes because of the cold winter and dry weather. It can happen sometimes but it's the first time it happens to me.

Eye also got my eyes checked. Eye thought eye am getting thirty this year so who knows maybe my eyes want some glasses to mock my age.

Anyhooters (thank you RBC for teaching me this word). Eye am getting my eye treated at the moment and hope that soon eye can write again and read the damn books that have been waiting for ages.

Meanwhile my first 'Beastslayer' story is being printed so hopefully eye will be able to share that with you very soon.

And till then here is a poem by Adrian Mitchell that eye decided to share with you:

'When eye am sad and weary
When eye think all hope has gone
When eye walk along High Holborn
Eye think of you with nothing on'


  1. Eye think you mean the word that I, in turn, stole from my friend Angie? ;)

  2. still not good, but i need to use eyedrops for two months so I will be patient for the next...few weeks. thank you for asking :)

  3. P.S. Any new songs on YouTube I can have a look at?

  4. hey stranger, I don't know if you've already seen the ones on, just type in niguanta and you'll find them all but i have no new ones unfortunately, not yet.

    ps: Eye still can't see very well but it is getting better.

  5. I'll have a look and sing along. Hope the eye gets well soon. Does it hurt much?

  6. Thank you. Yeah I hope that too. It still hurts and it hurts a lot when I am working behind the computer or when I try to read or write something. All the books that I've bought are now stressing me out 'read me'! read me!' . I am going back to the hospital next week. I hope they'll find a solution.

  7. P.S. Get yourself a catchy profile picture so my friends and readers can see you on my follower list.