24 January 2012

My To Do list for 2012

As long as we are on 'the end of the world in 2012' subject I have decided to make a To Do list. This is a list containing all the things I want to Do in 2012. For my own convenience I have decided to keep it a monthly action.

Remember... this year is the last year you live so you might as well do everything you have ever wanted to do...

Aidan Turner:
Being a vampire is hot. Being an Irish vampire and a Hobbit is Hotter!

Shakira: my first girl experience has to take place before the end of the world and who better than bellydancing Shakira?

Jon Snow: if anyone knows how to survive the end of the world then it's Jon Snow. And I'll probably be watching season 2 and be thinking about him.

Damon Salvotore: once again: being a vampire is just hot. Being an arrogant, well dressed vamp is hotter.

Selene or was it Kate? I liked my girl experience from Februari and I like vamps so why not mix it?

Chris...actually they call him THOR. Who else is closer to Heaven than Thor? Than again he's probably gonna split on Ragnarok but for now why not enjoy the moment and go to the beach or something.

Geralt. Geeks will get this. Looking like this? And I mean exactly like this with eyes, body and voice and all? Then you will do just fine.

Simon says let's play a little mind game. The Mentalist is good for my emotional state in August.

Elizabeth Hurley: who else? because I really enjoyed my last two girl experiences and because she is British and I love her accent.

Christian Bale. He made it through Equilibrium and through Batman and he looks great in a suit.

Wolverine. It's the jacket people!

Dean Winchester: Who else to protect me from the madness om the 21st than Dean? He's been through one before so I think he is experienced...I am talking about the Apocalypse...

Well, that was my To Do list, what's yours? I ain't sharin'


  1. :)) it's a must to share April

  2. Well, being a girls-only kind of guy, I'll stick to Shakira & Kate. Shakira needs to stopping losing weight, though.... Just let me know when it's my turn before all hell breaks loose.

    P.S. We need your VOTE while there's still a bit of time time left.

  3. hmm anonymous: touch decision, i will think about it. RCB: i was too late to vote but can i take shakira and kate along on option 3?