13 January 2012

2012 end of the world: Bitch Please

So I've been quite busy lately...I've been 9gaging regularly and the ocassion stare at the wall now and then. That pretty much takes all of my spare time. Anyhoe the 1st of March is my first book lauching day so I have...I will be able to make it on time. And if not...not.

I heard the new Hobbit movie will be released in December and I hope that will happen before the 21st. After all that's the perfect day to celebrate the end of the world. Have you noticed how there are a lot of disaster movies on tv lately? That will cheer us all up knowing that on that day the floor under us will fall apart and the sky will crash over our heads. But you know what the worst part of it all is? 21 December is on a Friday! Come on! Everyone is happy that it's almost weekend and then shit happens. So most people will probably be working on that day. Dieying with your collegues isn't the way you expected you'd go down, huh?

Now, I hope before then I will be able to see the new Batman, Underworld, Expendables, Snow White (not for the boring chick but for the hot Thor guy), and the Hobbit of course. I hope I'll be able to finish reading some of the books I've been buying over the years (the rest I'll read either in Heaven/Hell or walking around the Earth onb the 22nd of December feeling all Fall Outy). Have you seen the Book of Eli? I have and...well it seemed that the kind of book he was carrying was suppossed to be a mistery at the beginning of the movie. I must say I thought: it's after the end of the world, one book to choose, if I am correct then he must be carrying: Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.

So our 2012 just started and we need to be making plans until the 21st of December. Christmas can't be celebrated with all the bodyparts and dust lieying around so I guess we'll skip that this year and there is no point in sending everyone X-mas cards because most of them won't get to read them. I think I will be one of those people who will survive the Planet's wicked revenge but probably end up weeks later in the middle of a bunch of starving thugs...I've always hated zombies, might as well be killed by them. Until then I will continue my 9gaging, wall staring, book writing and eating healthy (if my destiny is to be eaten up then I might as well be tasty). And this story cannot end more perfectly than using the famous 9gag words: Bitch Please!


  1. I've just ordered my personalised hot-air balloon on Amazon. Hope it reaches me in time or else I won't pay... Now, who's that smilin' in that picture?

  2. P.S. In the U.S. (well, down south at least) it's fashionable to say 'anyhooters.' Kind of goes together with the anyhoe. Just saying...

  3. anyhooters...I like it! So when will you receive your hot-ari balloon? Does it come in any color ;)?