08 November 2011

The archangels Michael and Gabriel

Yep today in Romania we celebrate the name days of Michael and Gabriel. This means that everyone who has the name Michael or Gabriel has his or her Nameday today which means presents! In the Christian Orthodox religion we have several days per year in which saints, angels and archangels are celebrated like Saint John when yet again everyone with such a name has gotta get some presents. Ok you got me I am more interested in the presents part. But it's more than the presents it's...the attention ha ha.

When I got baptized you can imagine that I chose two religious names. My second name is Iuliana and my third name Gabriela! And it's even cooler when you have friends with this name or with the name of Michael cause then it's like we are 'angelicly' bonded.

But let us add some actual useful information here: Michael/Mihail is seen as a fighter while Gabriel/Gavriil is seen as a messenger. They protect humanity and watch over us. Well that's it. You want more information just read the Bible. I ain't no walking wikipedia ;)

So in conclusion: everyone who's named Michael or Gabriel...or both: Happy Nameday! And everyone else: get those M's and G's some presents, will ya?


  1. Gabriel is my manager's name. May he protect my job...

    P.S. This movie may be right up your alley: