11 October 2011

Winter is coming

What better way to say it than using the old Stark saying. You don't know who the Starks are? Shame on you.

Winter is coming. Whether we like it or not. Summer passed in my opinion way too fast, it seemed a speeddate with the sun, its warmth is now just a memory on my skin. Now there is wind, rain and coldness and to think that is is just the beginning. Darkness takes over and the colors that once seemed so bright begin to fade away. But not everything is bad about the winter, think of the warm night you'll be sitting on your couch watching a scary movie with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands. You'll feel all cozy and comfortable and you'll think no way am I going out tonight.

So I guess winter is the more book & movie season when you can just relax in the weekends and remember that one day you'll go outside, smell the flowers, feel the grass and think 'man I've missed the summer.' Maybe that's the reason we have winters, so we can realize how much we love the summer, maybe that's why there is darkness so we can realized how much we need the light.

I hate the cold and the bad weather, christmas obligations and Santa's fake smile but we gotta find a way to enjoy it, look forward to it cause that's the only way you can survive. I'm not saying that if you stay in bed the whole winter, depressed and drunk you won't make it but then you'll have such a hangover in the summer that before you sober up, it'll be winter again.

Winter is coming...then...let it come.

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  1. The reason I hate, nay loathe and despise, winter (as if it were a person whose butt I could kick) is simple, for I'm not a complicated person: it's too cold, that's what it is. Well, at least on this part of the northern hemisphere. So what are the options? Basically there are three (to keep it simple). 1. Live with it and stop complaining! (unless you're Dutch, in which case you need the practice) 2. Buy yourself that ticket to the tropics. 3. Become Bachelorette 2012 (or not...)