30 October 2011

My first Halloween in Holland and it was terrifying!

I am not joking. Actually it was truly horror-like. First of all I have to say that I have never experienced Halloween in Holland. I've been in this country for like 15 years and never have I imagined that Dutch people take Halloween so...serious..

Let me explain it properly. A week ago we received a postcard in our mailbox with the picture of a spider. The writing mentioned the following:

'On the 29th of October we will be celebrating Halloween in Stevenshof (a part of Leiden). Parents and children will gather at 19.00 in the park and then we will start our Halloween parade. If you would like children to stop at your house for Trick or Treat then please hang his picture on the door or at sight.'

So I thought wow cool, never seen this before. I went to the supermarket and got me three big bags of candy ( 2 Haribo bags each contained 30 mini bags and a party bag with 40 mini bags or something). I tried to change my house in a Halloween style. And I do mention 'tried' as I only decorated it on the inside and not on the outside. But I liked it. And I was going to dress up as a witch holding a cauldron in which the candy was stored.

I was soo looking forward to it. So when the 29th came I awaited impatiently dressed as a witch with green hair but a friendly face for the kids to show up (I didn't want kids to think I was an actual witch cause then I'd be getting rotten eggs in return). It was 19.00 and I saw kids going in the park so it was going to happen any time now. It was 19.30, they were going to come any time now...or what if they'd miss me? Oh well then I'd just go outside and spread the joy.

And then it happened.

I saw a few kids running to the first door on my street. Few more went there and I heard music, there was like a marching band...wow that's nice. But then...more kids came running...and more...and more. They spotted me and they came running. It was cute...the first ones at least. They just held their palms open (no Trick or Treat, Thank you or anything like that) and I just handed out the candy. Then others came....more came...some became brutal and were taking the candy themselves from my cauldron so I snapped at them becoming a bitchy witch. Some got their candy and came again others just told me what candy they wanted...I ignored them all and looked at that first house and....more kids....and more running and screaming their parents following them like Igor followed Dracula and I looked at my candy and it was going fast and....there were more kids coming...I didn't have enough candy! My boyfriend helped but eventually ran in the house, my mom (who came to see the Halloween joy) never came outside the house. Oh my God my candy was gone! If there was no candy the kids would go for my blood!!!! I just took the damn postcard off my door, got in the house, slammed the door, switched off the lights and watched from behind my curtains. I heard that when I slammed the door a little girl was just running towards my house...imagine her disappointment, I hope she didn't take it too personal.

I watched in pure horror as more and more kids came and the other doors in my street just closed in despair not having enough candy. I thought there would be like 30,40 kids tonight but there were at least and I swear I am not exaggerating 300 kids! 300 kids! It was a candy massacre! Who thought of this? Yeah that's cool let's take 300 fucking kids to every house in this neighborhood, at least make groups or something.

Next year I need more candy I guess. Or I could just conveniently not be home.

Halloween in Holland, I should have known, if it's for free the Dutch community will suck the candy out of you 'till the last drop.

Happy Halloween everyone and DO NOT RUN OUT OF CANDY!


  1. =)) omg tuci. soooooo funny =))

  2. You got that right! When it's for free, the Dutch'll suck the candy right out of thee.... Now that's scary.