19 August 2011

Question everything...everything?

Dear Madam, Sirs,

For centuries people have been questioning and arguing about all that's possible in our world: the existence of Gods, science, the meaning of life, time, poverty, communism, capitalism, ufo's, whether the world is flat, medicine, death etc. etc. etc.

Nowadays we still question some things like religion, health care and of course the meaning of life but some things we have just taken for granted such as time, days, months, work...

I would like to bring the following into account: why do we have 24 hours a day, why do we call night dark and day light, why do we have 12 months in a year and why do we keep our birthdays according to years? Why is it all taken for granted and no one thinks of a beter way to change this? Why do we all wear watches and we all agree on certain moments to meet up and judge each other according to how many moments one's late?

I would have not brought up this discussion if I didn't have a proposal.

This is how I believe it should work:

Minutes will still be 60 seconds (this way we don't have to change the name of a certain nailpolish)

An hour wil consist of 30 minutes.

A day will consist of 20 new hours, will begin at midday and it will end at midnight.

A week wil consist of 7 days. (so we won't change God's work) but because we want to honor God we would like to change the Sunday into 2 days because He actually needed to rest a little more than He actually thought. No one likes Mondays so there will be no more Mondays. Therefore:

Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday    Sunday1   Sunday 2

A month will consist of 12 weeks.

A year will consist of 4 months. We will change their names to:

Rainy, Freezy, Bloomy and Hottie

The new time and day have nothing to do with the old ones so don't try to prop 365 old days in the new ones. That won't work!

No more watches are allowed and therefore the words 'late' or 'early' are no more of use.

Birthdays will all take place alphabetibally. There will be days from A to Z spread all over the year. Everyone who's name begins with an A is on that day celebrated. There will be no more counting of years as one's age has nothing to do with the number of years (it has to do with its mind and spirit). Everyone is free on all birhtday days. Also Christmas, Easter etc etc are still free days.

This is my proposal regarding time and days.

As soon as this new proposal is accepted,which I expect will happen very soon, I would like to move on to my next proposal:


We will be working, 8 hours a day, 4 days a week and we will have one to two months vacation.

I believe this is a very reasonable proposal.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Hope

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