23 August 2011

Honey Boyz confession

So, here I am, sitting relaxed in the hobby room, hearing the rain hit the window, nature feeding the plants and cooling the ground after a few warm...oh who am I kidding? I am having a fucked up day with rain all day long and I'm just sitting here at my desk because...well what else is there to do with such a fucked up weather? And so I decided I'll just update my Honey Boyz map...hmmm...

I'm not sure I should actually tell you this...I mean...some people might think less of me...but I guess it's too late now, so I might as well share it.

Ever since I was little...(not too little 'cause otherwise I wouldn't have been able to comprehend the meaning of such a map) I've been keeping a map called: Honey Boyz. This..folder contains all the men, young men or anything male that I might find Hot at that time. Over the years the Honey Boyz has been changed and updated. You would expect it to be this huge, thicker than the encyclopedia book but it actually looks pretty thin as the men I liked at one point I didn't like later on so I replaced them with others...

What can you expect from Honey Boyz? Well, it's a map filled with Hotties. Pictures only, no one wants to read or anything. And before you start thinking about this...or you probably just have, no, I don't keep them next, under or near my bed. It's just a map that I keep in a non sacred place and I look through it from time to time to see what kind of men I actually like or liked. PLUS: the main reason is of course, I use the actors as inspiration for the characters in my stories...so it's basically very....important for my...writing career. I never...think of these men...in a non...muse kinda way...Yeah, just so we have that clear.

Anyway I have no idea why I am putting this on my blog, think of the comments I'll get but hey what the hell, it's raining outside, everyone's depressed so I just thought I'd share something with you.

Honey Boyz contains (in order of appearance 1993 - now):

Brandon Lee (of course)
Kim Rossi Stuart
Cristian de la Fuente
Fabio Cannavaro
Raoul Bova
Tony Crane
Ian Somerhalder
Jensen Ackles
Chris Hemsworth
Kit Harington
Aidan Turner
and a couple more


  1. Well well what d'you know... Honey Boyz... Is that a fact? Well, let me ask you this - why would you replace any of them? Wouldn't it be great to see you taste changing over the years? My first Honey girls map (yes, you may laugh now and think less of me) started with a picture of Charlene Tilton doing some kind of aerobics. Now mind you, Ms Tilton used to be very famous and was much... how do I put this nicely... liked, yes, that's what she was, being the knock-out that she was at the time, but looking back I actually think she was a blond midget on wheels and I needed eye surgery. Just saying...

  2. P.S. 'to see you taste' is NOT a Freudian slip. Just an innocent, meaningless, little slip - that's all... :)

  3. that's a good one but I'm afraid keeping some of my 'old' Honey Boyz can cause a serious shock...not so much to others but to me...(example: NSYNC, Five...)