09 August 2011

Road Trip Transilvania

Oh yes, the best part of the holiday is when you come back...that's when you look around and realize it's much too cold over here, much too quiet and much too different. But oh well, every holiday must come to an end no matter how much it might hurt. So instead of thinking too much about it I try to remember the good times I had this holiday and remember that I will go back soon (Christmas).

One of the best times of this holiday was the four day trip we took. We decided we wanted to see more of Romania instead of Bucharest (a city I never grow tired of) so we decided we'd go on a trip through the Carpathians. And this is how it went:

Day 1: From Bucharest to Sibiu

We left Bucharest early in the morning so we'd avoid the traffic. You should have seen my face that early in the morning. I could have made a picture of myself and use it for Halloween.
Curtea de Arges: our first stop where a beautiful church is situated, not to mention its legend about the man that decided his wife would be the ultimate sacrafice to keep the church standing. I ain't gonna tell you the whole story just read the damn legend.

Poenari Castle: merely a ruin but it used to be a great building in the 14th century not to mention that it was one of Vlad Tepes' main fortresses. The funny part about it: it is situated up in the mountainds so you have to go up the stairs to visit it...up...up...for about 1500 stairs!!! After climbing those stairs I remembered: I really have to do something about my condition.

Barajul Vidraru: just google it if you want to know how it looks like. It looked cool especially because it was here where our Top Gear adventure would begin. We ate some corn (I love Corn) and moved on.

Balea Lac: gorgeous place and it can only be visited two months a year as for the rest of the year it's too dangerous. We came from a temperature of 30 degrees to 14 degrees as here it was freezing, there was even snow at sight. We ate in a small restaurant, bought me Amethist, admired the flock of sheep everywhere and wondered how they didn't fall the hell off those high places and...went on.

Transfagarasan: It's impossible to drive through this place and not to thing of Top Gear (check out youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLxP_VHe0gg&feature=related) and hear Jeremy's words 'Romania thank you for having us and can we stay, forever?' It was beautiful and absolutely amazing.

Cisnadioara: Here we found a small church with a huge history.

Sibiu: I've seen it before but it always feels great when I'm there. We ate, relaxed in a beautiful hotel and enjoyed the sweet weather.

Day 2: From Sibiu to Cluj

We left early as we had a long trip ahead. We were about to stop in Alba-Iulia but with some misunderstandig we missed our exit so we continued our drive.

Cluj-Napoca: some beautiful monuments envolving Matei Corvin, a cute market place but then hell broke lose when it started to rain. We found a cozy Jazz cafe and we didn't want to leave it anymore.
Later we decided to visit the city at night and we were amazed. No normal people on the streets! I mean beside from us we were expecting no other freaks but...strange...strage city with freaky people and odd places. It really gave me the fucking creeps. So for Cluj...the pictures on google.nl looked much beter.

Day 3: From Cluj to Brasov

We left the fucking place as soon as we got up.

Targu Mures: beautiful little place. It looked much cozier than Cluj although the weather decided to get kinda grey.

A smart girl like me would never do something like this, but yes I did: by mistake I erased all the pictures we had made until now, all 400 pictures with beautiful video's on transfagarasan...You can imagine how moody I became.

Sighisoara: one of my favorite places in Romania. I need say no more.

Biertan: a place I had never heard of in my life, close to Sighisoara, a small village away from the busy world. We ate at a great medieval restaurant...the only restaurant in town but so much worth it and then we visited the fortified church. I sat there listening to the wind, closed my eyes and wished that moment would last forever. I felt home.

Brasov: another city that needs no introduction. We ate, we laughed, we drank and danced at the Ursus Concert.

Day 4: Brasov to Bucharest

We got up at a reasonable time but none of us wanted to actually go back because that also meant the end of our road trip.

Damboviciora Cave: first cave I've ever seen in my life but I can't say I was very impressed. Perhaps it was the surrounding that made it less attractive, too touristic and poorly maintained.

Well tired and sick of the journey we got back in Bucharest. We already made plans for our next trip, next year, to Moldova. Oh how I miss you already my sweet, dusty but warm Romania!

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  1. let's do that again :) It was sooooooo fun :D