10 July 2011


The reason I haven't been writing anything lately is because I was sick for like a week or so. Horrible sickness, I hate it more than anything in the world I was all fluy and stuff and I was really freaked out about it because I was also going on vacation on Friday. But I made it! So now I am home, in Bucharest where secrets are hidden in every corner of the street and beauty can be found by looking closer. It's 35 degrees so what else is there to do than enjoy it all and clear the mind.

Tonight Bon Jovi is having a concert so I can't miss that. I will be there jumping, shouting, singing along and then tomorrow I'll feel like shit cause I am actually still sick but I don't give a damn anymore.

The next weeks I want to go to the mountains, to the beach, enjoy myself and forget about everything, cause after all, what's a holiday without forgeting about all your worries and problems? I want to enjoy my family and friends, listen to everything that has happened in the last six months and of course, drink and eat the shit out of me!

I will keep you informed about any crazy shit that might happen the next weeks cause I want you to enjoy it with me.


  1. So I guess the all-important word today is ... shit? Enjoy the sun. I'm still looking for some over here. (Oh and don't bite anyone ... not too hard anyway.)

  2. Yeah I guess shit is the new special word...pretty 'nice' huh? Thank you. I won't bite anyone cause here they just bite back ;)