14 June 2011

My birthday

Yes, this had to happen sooner or later...my birthday was on the 12th of June and I turned 29. This means I am only one year away from turning 30. Most women hate turning 30, I just...scream and choke at the though of it.

I liked the age increase thing untill I turned 18 but after that it's just a horrible torment. But I have to admit I had a nice birthday. We went to Archeon...for those who do not know it...and I suppose that's for the most of you, Archeon is a special historic middle ages park where you can witness jousting, gladiator fights, middle ages food and a bit of nature, http://www.archeon.nl/ (they should pay me for this). It's mostly for kids and for ladies who just turned 29.  I had a great day checking out the Viking market place, eating lentil soup, enjoying some jousting and admiring the two pigs working on a suntan.

After Archeon we went home for the birthday cake (I always need a birthday cake to blow out those candles and wish for something that never comes true like turning 18 instead of 29). And then we went to the movies and enjoyed Johnny Depp in his pirate costume (he still looks great).

So in spite of turning 29 I had a great day and felt like a 9 year old instead. I'm not sure how I'll celebrate my 30th birthday without the comments: '30 wow, your biological clock is probably ticking' or 'you look good...for your age' or '30? I thought you were 18...'. Oh wait, that last comment is more wishful thinking.

Last year I had a great birthday as well, we went to the beach in Romania and I spend my birhtday with the sun above me and the sand beneath me. My brother surprised me with cake and champagne at the restaurant in the evening and I enjoyed spending my birthday home with my brother (he lives in Romania and I only see him like twice a year). Not to mention that drinking on my birthday has become more of a tradition really...

But 30...next year...I have no idea how I'll pull THAT off.


  1. I woke up this morning thinking, If only I were thirty. June 12 - well, well, what do you know. Another horrible Gemini. Bottoms up, Nig. May you come up with a great plan between now and June 12, 2012 to pull 'it' off.

    P.S. What's with that 2:35 AM? Your clock's still off?

  2. Dear Nig,

    trust me, from someone turning freaking 36 this year, turning 30 doesn't urt any more than turning 20, 25, 26, 29....just don't think about it on your birthday, think today i'm turning 3.....

    Love Marijke

  3. Ha ha wise words Marijke, wise words, thank you. I will take that in mind!

    Love Nig!

  4. Dear Marijke,

    Trust me, from someone having turned freaking 41 one week ago, turning 36 doesn't hurt any more than turning 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35... Now where's my Kleenex...

  5. You know what? turning into 30 has its own perks. Like believing more in yourself and less trusting others.
    In Iran we say: the year that you turn into 30 is the most green year of your life! meaning: it's like the first day of your life. The day that you may see everything in different way including yourself.
    So, say hello to your new you.
    The horrible you as you know I love horrible people ;) And trust me I'm not the one!
    Like your blog a lot.

  6. Hey Panteh A, thanx a lot for your inspiring comment, I'll keep that in mind! oh and thank you for liking my blog ;)