01 June 2011

Don't go to the doctor

Yes, I have something to share: I have passed my English exam with a 7.9 thank you very much and I am very proud of it (I already celebrated with few shots of tequila...5 minutes ago). And my English teacher has created a special place on his blog with my writing so he's kinda my first PR Manager. Check it out and check his site too it has really cool stuff on it (see RCB site on your right).

I wanted to write a 'frustrated' article about doctors in Holland and what my mom has been through the last months. It's sooo stupid actually. She had nothing, just wanted her ear to get cleaned up so she went to the doctor and they perforated her eardrum by mistake! BUT no one wants to admit it so they pretended she had an infection and she got like 5 or 6 different shitty ear drop medicine to use and eventually they said 'oh wait, you have a hole in your ear so you shouldn't be using ear drops' . So now she probably has to go through an operation because she is practically half deaf but no one takes the blame. They gave her cheap medicine and only the last one was an antibiotic but too late. They just say 'you should take some paracetamol'. That's actually their Holy medicine, the great allmighty Paracetamol. Do you have pain? Take paracetamol, do you feel sick? take paracetamol. Do you have a bullet in your head? Oh my, that's terrible, here...take some paracetamol.

Don't get me wrong. Not all doctors in Holland are like that, only the 5,6 I have met. I mean now we found a good doctor for my mom's ear and he is trying his best to fix, I hope it's not too late. One time my mom told the doctor 'I have pain.' His reaction was 'Everybody has pain.' I mean what the hell is that for a reaction? Come on! If you ask for a scan, a check or whatever they ask you ten thousand things cause they don't want you to get it.

I don't wanna compare but in Romania if you go to a clinic you can get all the scans and antibiotics you want. That's because they have a lot of private clinics over there but I am sure time will change and it will be the same as here so... can't wait.

So take my advice: don't go to the doctor unless....well.....unless you need some paracetamol.


  1. The holy medicine, that's right. And they'll bill you for it, too. My mom got something in her eye. I'm talking fife years ago. It must have been dust or sand or I don't know what. So she went to the doctor. Not her own GP but someone else. She said, I've got something in my eye. The doctor said, It's probably gone. All you need is something to clean your eye. What happened next is hard to believe. Instead of water, they put glue in her eye. The kind of glue you use to make a wound heal more quickly. It was terrible. Screaming, shouting, pain for weeks. In the States you would sue them.

  2. Did I type fife?? Jesus! Don't tell your teacher, OK? I suck at typing. Always have, always will... Pardon my French.

  3. Ha ha yeah I saw it but I thought it's a new slang word. I won't, cross my heart.

    How terrible! So your mom is half blind and mine is half deaf, Heil to the doc!

  4. Also the dentists are not to trust! Beware of them!
    I used to work for a dentist in Groningen. He was a horrible person( not in a good way, not a gemini). I used to assist him with accounting and sometimes assist him with the patients. And then I've found out that he was using medicine which was expired. All of them!
    Very scary! So I informed the ministry of health and you won't believe this; they said they need more people to conform my information! :0
    So, my friends check the medication first before you sit on the dentist's chair!
    And Randy, you can sue your doctor too in Holland! I did that in 2008 for the last time. It became a kind of a hobby of mine ;)

  5. That's good to know, i'm so shocked but these things happen more than we think. thanx for your comment Panteh A