09 May 2011

Happy happy happy, lucky lucky lucky

I had to use Charlie Sheen's sarcastic words from one of the 'Two and a half men' episodes, no idea which one it was.

I just found out that if I want to study English at the university it's gonna cost me like 5200 euro's a year. I mean come on people is this a study or a cruise to the Bahama's? A cruise probably costs less. So I have two choices: I either try the course in Amsterdam (I think that's still 1700 euro's a year, not cheap either mind I say) or I just do nothing about it and hope to be discovered in the next months as America's next top model...or Holland's...or Romania's...all I have to do is: not eat. Or maybe I can try one of those shows with popstars or so you think you can dance...all I have to do is: sing or dance. I can sing but not that great and dancing...well I can do that too in a club or something. Maybe that's the annoying part of it all, I like a lot of stuff so I am able to do a lot of stuff but not sufficient enough to go pro. Maybe I am very good at something I haven't discovered yet like marrying a really really rich and old man and then get his mo...Well, if I give it a second thought, I don't think I'm THAT good either.

Ok people new plan: I am going to be a...bug. Why not? I can be a bug. Some people believe they are cats or reptiles or whatever so I decided I can be a bug. But wait...I need to spend a lot of mo on plastic surgery to actually look like a bug...I wonder if it costs less than 5200 euro's?

I forgot to mention that a couple of months ago when I was looking for a job I came across a vacancy as...get ready for it: prostitute. Seriously and it was actually a real vacancy. I don't even know what to say. Imagine your job interview. Or your targets...What the hell do you write in your letter? 'Well, my motivation is that I like working with people, men and women, young and old and I am a very creative and social person. Hierby I send you my medical file.' 

Nevermind me I'm just in one of those moods...happy happy happy, lucky lucky lucky


  1. It's a cruise to the Bahamas, that's right. (Or a small car or a down payment on a bigger one or, even better, Level 6A + a holiday to the U.S.) Incidentally, the word isn't "Bahama's", Dutch lady via Romania...

  2. ha ha thanks. Why am I not a Romanian lady via Holland? :)

  3. Because it's a Dutch mistake, ergo you've been successfully Dutchified.