19 April 2011

What can you expect from me in the next weeks

I have had a lot of 'crazy obsessions' since...ever. There was a time I was crazy about anything that had to do with Italian people, Harley Davidson, New Orleans, Amerian Indians, RPG games, Spells, Ghosts, The Crow (as in the movie), electric guitars, Chinese men (coming from my Brandon Lee obsession), Knights, Merlin and his magic, Freemansonry, Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology and magic, Weapons (swords and guns), Fairy tales, Creatures from all over the world, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, The Apocalypse and last but not least...Northern mythology. I guess seeing the trailer for the movie Thor couldn't have had any other normal influence on me and that after I saw the 13th worrior...three times.

As all of my obsessions can be found in my stories one way or the other this is what you will be getting in the next weeks:

Beastslayer has returned: the Northern influence will be part of this story when Niteria ends up in front of a King who's son she knows better than she can remember.

The tale of the stars: is actually my first story ever written...and finished when I was about 12,13. It's about a star/a man that was thrown on Earth by his evil wife and has to find a way to get home. No, it's nothing like Stardust.

So my good men if you are interested then stay allert, if you ain't then why bother?


  1. Dear Lord, Niguanta.

    It's like you're emptying a whole bucket, girl, though I don't think that bucket of yours is empty yet, now is it? It's quite a list you're giving us. Crazy obessions, right? Well, who doesnt have them?

    I also had a look at some of your great stories, and I particularly liked the following sentence: "I have committed suicide more often than I can remember". I reckon that's gonna make people want to read on. And as for you wanting to get something published on my site, just send me an extract (or a couple) - with a personal intro, of course - and consider it a done deal. Don't forget to add links to your own blogs (or to your home blog).


  2. P.S. As I noticed you're one of my blog's public followers, you may want to be less shy and post a comment and share your own ideas :)

  3. Don't mind if I do, thank you very much for your offer. I will send you some of my work and I will try not to be too direct ;)

  4. How much time do you spend writing stories?

  5. P.S. Here's some homework for you. Could you mail it to rcbenglishclass@hotmail.com?

    NIGUANTA'S [Let her think of a title]

    [short intro by Nig about herself]

    [ask her to get herself a special email address, e.g. Niguanta@hotmail.com]

    Cursed Ever After
    [picture + intro by Nig: two or three sentences.]
    Lidia Day
    [picture + intro by Nig: two or three sentences.]
    [picture + intro by Nig: two or three sentences.]
    The Beastslayer and I
    [picture + intro by Nig: two or three sentences.]
    The Beastslayer Has Returned
    [picture + intro by Nig: two or three sentences.]