08 April 2011

I'm not perfect but you should have waited

Not my own words but the words of Jason Statham in the 'Expendables' but I thought it would be appropiate..this is my way of saying: sorry it took me so long to publish a new post. Now this brings us to why did it take so long...Well been here in there, in Rome and in London...sounds cool doesn't it...I wanted to make it sound cool but let me give you the details.

Been to Rome last week to surprise my best friend and it worked. She didn't know I was coming and her boyfriend kept the secret well hidden. We had a four day stay and it was great as it was warm and fun. I saw the things everyone sees like the Colosseum (kinda creepy to smile enthousiastically when you realized what they did to humans and animals over there), the Vatican (kinda the same as the Colosseum...without the animal part), foutains, museums and all the standard stuff but it was nice to see cause now I can say scrap them off my list. Did I mention I've been waiting 14 years to go to Italy? Weird isn't it? But then again it didn't look anything like in the movie 'Only you' with Marissa Tomei...some of you might know it, most of you won't.

And this week my boyfriend won tickets to London to see the Manchester-Chelsea match. I feel in love with London once again. Been there in november and loved it but now it was even more pretty. People are so kind, well mannered you just wanna kiss them all. The match was nice I guess..it wasn't very special and there was this guy screaming in my ear all the time 'fucking wanker...' See below for further explanation (source from wikipedia):

The term wanker originated from British slang in the 1940s. Wanker literally means "one who wanks (masturbates)". In modern usage it is usually a general insult

So this is why I haven't been writing cause I was busy travelling and it was worth it.

By the way my obsession for books has reached its limits. I was of course rabid to find a bookstore and buy as much as I can...buy cause I don't have money growing up my butt. And finally I found a Waterstones bookstore. Sooo many books on sales and so many stories to read that I actually....seriously...I actually got sick. I got dizzy so my boyfriend told me to take it easy. I got out of the store and sat outside for a while the gentle spring wind trying to keep me conscious. Did I really get so excited that I almost fainted? Well I gotta say I was kinda tired and we walked a lot but still...anyhoe. I went in again and got me a couple of books: Animal Farm, Brave New World, Vampire Diaries book 7, Torment (haven't read Fallen yet) and a collection of poems. So I am very very happy with my new purchase.

So this is kinda it, this weekend ain't gonna do much, study English, read books and play the Medieval Sims (my character got herself pregnant cause she is such a whore...and now I gotta create a baby room).

I will keep you posted darlings and won't keep you waiting...for long.


  1. vezi commentul de la martisor

  2. xoxo :)
    Rome was great tuci

  3. "Ain't gonna do much"? Like studying English? If that doesn't break my heart, I don't know what does... :)


    P.S. I guess as a blogperson (which is PC language for bloglady), you're not politically-correct either, are you? I quote: "there was this guy screaming in my ear all the time 'fucking wanker...'" and "my character got herself pregnant cause she is such a whore". Pretty direct, I would say :)

  4. Nooo God forbid I wouldn't want to break your heart and I didn't mean it like that!!! I will now immediately check for anything else I wrote on this blog about the English course ;)

    1. It has been a long time, hasn't it, stranger?