26 April 2011

Easter. How was it and how has it become?

Of course I am only talking about my own experience because I wouldn't want to start a full essay about the development and change of Easter through the years without reading a great deal about it. Let me rephrase that: I don't feel like defending my story with facts so I'm just gonna write about my own shit.

In Romania we made a big deal about the coming of Easter. I was always excited because my mom would buy us chocolote bunnies and my dad would take us to a picnic in the forest. My mom and grandma would prepare the eggs and paint them in all the colors they could find: red, yellow, blue, green you name it. My brother and I would go to my grandma and stuff ourselves with food but not before we would do this: well this is a Romanian tradition (probably in other countries too but not in Holland I tell ya!): we would both chose one egg as our champion and then we would fight: one person holds the egg in his hand and the other hits it with his own egg, the one hitting says 'Jesus has risen (from the dead)' and the other person says 'He has indeed.' Well we didn't care about the words we just wanted to know who's egg was going to break. The one still standing was the winner and the one that had his egg broken had to eat it (although I have heard that others do this in another way: if you broke the other person's egg then you had to eat it). And do I even have to tell you what we woud do? We ate one, two, three eggs but then we were full so we would continue these 'tournaments' and simply put the broken eggs back in the basket we took them from. Or one of us would have one champion egg that was able to pull through the tournament and we would go to the rest of the family and challenge them to a new fight.

The religious tradition is going to church on Saturday and hold the candles (the enlightment). In Belgium they also do this by the way.

Well enough of how it was...how has it become? In Holland people don't really paint the eggs in the way they do in Romania. I mean here it's more for kids. I did hear that in Holland they buy chocolate eggs, hide them in the garden or where ever they can and then let the kids search for them. Pretty mean don't you think? But it's different here Easter isn't that much 'alive' as it is in Romania...ar at least how it used to be in Romania because I am sure that time changes over there as well.

We still paint the eggs even though we are in Holland and we still break them with the traditional words but it can't be compared to the warmth and excitement from the old days.

Ps: that doesn't mean that I now don't buy a big ass chocolate bunny and stuff myself with it!


  1. You're just gonna write about your what? Your "own shit"? Hahahaha, I don't believe it. You think you know what someone sounds like, and you're always wrong. You know that feeling? It's really funny, and your directness is certainly to be recommended. So between the two of us, what did you vote on my blog or do I need to ask? :)


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  3. The vote? You mean what they should do with my body? I have a few ideas...