04 March 2011

What if you were a....

Our whole society is based on dreams we cannot reach. In my case I dream so often that I mostly don't know whether I'm awake or asleep. My dreams are made of two categories:

A. dreams that I cannot furfill and
B. dreams that I no way in hell can furfill.

To give you an example of A.: have a big house in Romania with a huge garden, with a chicken, a goose and shit like that. Example B: be a vampire, hired assassin, witch, werewolf and so on. The fun part of B. is that you can think of all its posibilities knowing it can never be but it's just fun thinking about it.

If I were a vampire, I don't even think of the blooddrinking, superpowers, sexy look but I actually think of the ability to compel others. Think of all the free shopping I could do, free food, free access to all clubs, high class parties, maybe even the Oscars...To hypnotize the whole world and carve it the way you like: be a star but never having problems with being a celebrity, be a king or queen but never have any responsibilities. I kinda like that and if I have to drink blood for it, hell I'll do it.

I am sure most of us have thought one way or another about being a superhero or villain; manipulate the world we live in and create our own sandbox with tools and toys we can rearrange the way we like. And when we're sick of playing we can just get out of the sandbox and we wouldn't even be bothered by the sand resting between our butt cheeks.

'A big man has no time really to do anything but just sit and be big.'

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