13 February 2011


So i owe you people some update. You didn't have to mention it. I just felt it. So after watching some vampire diaries episodes and complain a little more about how much my f...ing mouth hurts from last thursday when they pulled a tooth out...after all that i decided to fill you in.

My...search is kinda still on. I am back at my old working place but for two days a week...i gotta make some money someway. And the new thing is that i am truly honestly considering to become an English teacher...i already hear the laughter...with your spelling neverrrrr. Well i can't become a teacher overnight....can i? I did put some thought into this not that you're gonna think it's one of her crazy ideas again. I went to an introduction day and got info about the education required, i went to a highschool and was present at an English lesson (that's what motivated me in the first place) and i am following an English course that i decided to take to actually improve my spelling and vocabulary for my stories but it is quite handy if i am to follow the education too.

But the education starts in august so i have plenty of time to think this through.

By the way i am using my phone to write all this shit so if i made mistakes...i'm too lazy to correct them...

Does anyone know what 'xoxo' means? Saw it on the vamp diaries serie and i didn't get it. I guess i'm just getting oooollld.

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