27 January 2011

Forgive me Father!

       -         Forgive me for my sins

-          I am listening my child!

-          Father, I have committed too many sins.

-          We all do my child, the important thing is to be aware of them and ask for forgiveness from God.

-          Yes but I have committed too, too many of them.

-          Yes?

-          I…I have committed crimes.

-          What kind of crimes?

-          Serious crimes. I wanted his death for so long. Well, he finally got it.

-          You killed someone?

-          Then there was the daughter. So disgustingly innocent. She was not innocent!

-          Who did you kill?

-          Then the sister and of course her boyfriend. My God why did they had to come in on that particular moment?

-          What exactly happened?

-          As I exited there was the neighbour and his dog. Ha, dogs can’t protect them now can they? The wife came from the shopping centre in her pretty little red car.

-          Please child, tell me what happened!

-          That boy had to interfere. He saw the woman’s car parked in the middle of the street with no one in it. He didn’t know the woman was in the house, in the bathroom, oh God! He went in as he saw the door open and the blood, oh the blood, everywhere!

-          Now, don’t panic. Did you kill them?

-          Then the policeman had to give me a ticket. Couldn’t he see I was in despair? He couldn’t understand. I told him I wasn’t hurt, it wasn’t my own blood. He didn’t understand.

-          Maybe I can understand.

-          Then there was a man on the way here asking me if I’m alone. I hate men that hit on you. I just
-          Did you kill him too?

-          He didn’t see it coming. There was no one in sight, he didn’t expect it.

-          Where is he now?

-          Then there was the priest who didn’t let me tell my story…

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