27 January 2011

I meet my doom

I don’t know how much longer I can survive. The point is that I can take it no longer. I have ran out of supply and there is food for one more day. I will have to eat as little as possible to keep me alive inside these caves. But then I think about it and ask myself what’s the point I will die anyway no matter if it is today or tomorrow or even after a week I have lost all my hopes and I am quite sure that no one will come to rescue me.

I can barely write due to the darkness and dust covering my eyes. I am so tired as I hardly sleep at night. Then again you cannot make the difference between night and day in this cursed place as these will be darkness wherever you may look. Yes, darkness forever.

All I can think about is the happy moment when I thought my expedition would be successful. I was so happy back then…I was a fool!

I do apologize again for my spelling mistakes or unfinished words. This in case someone will ever read this. I am tired, exhausted from so much darkness, my skin is probably white, just like the dead only that I can still move slowly. I have never believed in zombies and yet now I am one.

As for my companions I can still feel them around as the smell of the dead never fades. My wife died three days ago, if my calculations are right. She was bitten by a rat, a week ago. Oh all I can think of at this moment is why didn’t that doomed rat bite me instead. Nevertheless I wouldn’t have wanted my dear wife to be in the situation I am now. I wouldn’t want anyone to be in my place. Except for the ones that send me here.

I can’t bare much longer. I feel I am already decomposing…decomposing in memories unrealized goals and trusting the unworthy.

My whole expedition crew, if you might come across that question, is dead. I am the only survivor and the last to die.

If someone will read this I hope they will be out of any danger. I am doomed and my destiny is to die here.

Those who want to devote themselves to their work must make a sacrifice. The bigger the sacrifice the bigger the chance they will succeed. In my case the sacrifice is death.

I cannot see any longer what I am writing however I can feel what will happen to me in the next few hours or minutes, I don’t even know. I feel isolated, lonely, and already dead. Have I mentioned this before?

My life has come to its end…I can feel it all...it is getting dark…darker. Those that do not risk it all…will not die…at least….not too……..soon.

Forgive me Father!

       -         Forgive me for my sins

-          I am listening my child!

-          Father, I have committed too many sins.

-          We all do my child, the important thing is to be aware of them and ask for forgiveness from God.

-          Yes but I have committed too, too many of them.

-          Yes?

-          I…I have committed crimes.

-          What kind of crimes?

-          Serious crimes. I wanted his death for so long. Well, he finally got it.

-          You killed someone?

-          Then there was the daughter. So disgustingly innocent. She was not innocent!

-          Who did you kill?

-          Then the sister and of course her boyfriend. My God why did they had to come in on that particular moment?

-          What exactly happened?

-          As I exited there was the neighbour and his dog. Ha, dogs can’t protect them now can they? The wife came from the shopping centre in her pretty little red car.

-          Please child, tell me what happened!

-          That boy had to interfere. He saw the woman’s car parked in the middle of the street with no one in it. He didn’t know the woman was in the house, in the bathroom, oh God! He went in as he saw the door open and the blood, oh the blood, everywhere!

-          Now, don’t panic. Did you kill them?

-          Then the policeman had to give me a ticket. Couldn’t he see I was in despair? He couldn’t understand. I told him I wasn’t hurt, it wasn’t my own blood. He didn’t understand.

-          Maybe I can understand.

-          Then there was a man on the way here asking me if I’m alone. I hate men that hit on you. I just
-          Did you kill him too?

-          He didn’t see it coming. There was no one in sight, he didn’t expect it.

-          Where is he now?

-          Then there was the priest who didn’t let me tell my story…

20 January 2011

Might seem depressing but hope you like it

Why did God give me a heart,
when all it does is hurt?
It hurts so much I just don't know
how much I can keep it

Why did God give me these eyes?
To stare me back in the mirror?
All they see is rain,
grey clouds and terror

Why did God give me these ears?
So I can hear rumors about me?
I hear no birds singing, no child laughing
only whispers behind my back

Why did God give me these hands,
when what I want, I can't reach?
Their touch seems to turn just
about everything to shatter

Why did God make me at all?
So I can see this terrible world?
Why can't he just let me live
in my dreams?

19 January 2011

Wat is er allemaal te beleven?

Ok jullie zien natuurlijk een paar verhalen aan de rechte kant van mijn blog maar wat zijn het allemaal? Nou dat ga ik jullie nu vertellen:

1. Weerwolf moord: een politieagent moet een moord oplossen die door een weerwolf gepleegd is. Een probleem: hij is zelf een weerwolf en heeft het naar gevoel dat hij verantwoordelijk is voor de moord.

2. The victim of the Sordimo family: er heeft een moord plaatsgevonden bij het Rijland Lyceum in Oegstgeest. Niguanta en Remy, twee tegenstrijdige persoonlijkheden komen bij elkaar om de moord op te lossen. Iedereen zegt dat het zelfmoord was maar Niguanta en Remy weten beter.

3. The beastslayer and I: Niteria probeert een goede vriend van haar uit de gevangenis te redden. Maar er is wel een probleem: ze moet een vampier doden. Alsof het niet genoeg is, haar gast, een beestslachter volgt hij overal en ze heeft ook nog eens te maken met bloeddorstige hondachtige monsters.

4. Niteria: haar levensverhaal. Na de dood van haar vijf beste vrienden keert ze terug naar het kleine dorpje van Dreonia. Wanneer ze vertrekt, is ze niet alleen, Rida, een jonge man zoekend naar avontuur besluit om haar te volgen zonder dat ze dat in de gaten heeft. Drin, Rida's beste vriend denkt dat Rida ontvoert is en gaat achter Rida aan. Ze komen alleemaal bij de Grote Stad terecht waar dromen maar ook je ergste nachtmerries uitkomen.

5. Lidia Day: een fanverhaal voor de filmserie Supernatural. Dean wordt langzaam door een demon gedood. Lidia moet hem snel helpen maar dit kan ze niet doen zonder de hulp van Sam.

6. Cursed ever after: nog een fanverhaal voor de filmserie Vampire Diaries. Simona is een 1000 jaar oud half vampier/ half weerwolf. Ze is verliefd op Damon omdat hij zo veel op Gabriel lijkt. Maar ze kan niet in de buurt komen van vampieren omdat ze ze eigenlijk niet uit kan staan en de kans dat ze hen vermoord zeer groot is.

17 January 2011

Capra lui Bolete

De cand eram mica m-am obisnuit cu expersia 'zici ca-i capra lui Bolete'. Si bineinteles ca am folosit aceasta expresie multi ani buni pana sa ajung la momentul penibil de a afla ca nimeni nu stie cine e capra lui Bolete.

Si bineinteles ca mama nu mi-a spus pe atunci ca aceasta expresie se folosea numai in Fierbinti-Targ unde exista aceasta capra a lui Bolete.

Deci toti anii acestia, la scoala generala, la liceu, cu prieteni, cu straini eu foloseam expresia asta si de abia acum doi, trei ani am descoperit de ce lumea se uita dubios la mine cand foloseam expresia.

Bolete era un vecin din Fierbinti, un om singurel asa cum am inteles de la mama. Nu am avut onoarea sa il cunosc dar cred ca mai mult as fi vrut sa fac cunostinta cu preaiubita lui capra. Bolete, probabil din cauza faptului ca era asa singurel, avea o capra. Dar capra o lua cu el peste tot, la carciuma, la piata, oriunde se ducea el mergea si capra. Nu stiu daca cu placere venea saraca sau daca era fortata in ringul lui social.
Si toata lumea in Fierbinti, cand vad ei un om mai caraghios sau cineva care se comporta cam stupid ei zic 'zici ca e capra lui Bolete'. 

Pentru toti cei care m-au auzit folosind aceasta expresie si au ramas cam nedumeriti, acum stiti. Si apropo: nu ma pot dezvata de expresie deci o sa o mai auziti des si in viitor.

13 January 2011

Sorry Nederland

Ja ik moest het even zeggen. Ik heb tot nu toe in het Roemeens en in het Engels geschreven maar dat is toch super onbeschoft? Ik bedoel ik moet toch ook in het Nederlands schrijven?

Dus bij deze, sorry, sorry, sorry en check out mijn Nederlandse verhaal 'Weerwolf moord'. Hoop dat ik het op deze manier goed kan maken en ik zal voortaan ook Nederlandse artikeltjes op deze site zetten, beloofd!

Groetjes allemaal!!!!

11 January 2011

Hai totusi sa mai spunem ceva

Si iar o iau de la capat. Saptamana trecuta am fost in Romania si mi-a placut sa fiu iar alaturi de prieteni si familie si bineinteles sa ma indop ca un purcelus cu toata mancarea Romaneasca pe care nu o am aici. Mie dor de tara dar n-am ce face. Acolo e distractie, lumea iese afara, prieteni, e altfel. Aici nu e asa, e liniste, lumea nu prea iese, social cam de rahat si distractia de aici nu e ca la noi. Dar aici ai avantajele de siguranta, curatenie, stresul nu e asa ca la noi (dar depresia e number one)...e greu. Era ideal o combinatie de Romania / Olanda dar din pacate nu se poate si pana la urma trebuie sa ne bucuram cu ce avem si sa apreciez lumea pe care o am in jur si pe care o am in Romania.

Asta e oameni buni, viata merge inainte, accepti situatia pe care o ai, incerci sa faci ceva mic sa fii fericit si apreciezi lucrurile pe care le ai si asa.

Apropo afara ploua...sa nu credeti ca e o vreme mai ca lumea.

Eh ma duc sa mai bag niste povesti pe site poate va plac si daca nu va plac, ata ete.