15 December 2010

What I wanna do

I've been thinking of exploring the theatre world. I would like to take some acting classes and maybe even singing classes cause I really want to do more with my voice. It's kind of difficult to find something like that in Holland but I'll try. I don't mean regular acting classes but English acting classes. We'll see what happens. Oh yeah and I wanna do some computer courses to learn how to draw and paint on the computer and I want a silversmithing workshop. My plans voor 2011 are:

- acting classes
- singing classes or perform somewhere
- computer lessons in drawing
- workshop silversmithing
- English course (I already signed up for it to improve my English on a more professional level)

We'll see how it goes.

Besides all of this I have to continue my search for editing my books and stories.Forget to tell you that the agent in London did not accept my work. It was as expected of course but I have to find a couple more and go for it. And I will be posting more of my work on this site of course.

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