24 December 2010

Christmas: 10 must have moments

What's Christmas without:

1. getting your boiling points tested in the crowded supermarkets, stores, traffic jam and parking lots.
2. cursing the heavens cause you don't know what freaking presents you gotta buy this year
3. wanting to be locked in a closetroom cause you don't want to visit the family, that you hate, yet again
4. thinking of your childhood Christmas moments and wondering what went wrong
5. getting drunk hoping that you'll wake up after New Year
6. wondering why you spend so much money on others while you could have booked a nice sun vacation for yourself
7. trying to avoid all christmas movies and ending up watching...all of them
8. hoping that Santa truly exist and wait for him anxiously so you can shoot him in the back
9. dreaming of being with friends and family..in a next life cause the ones in this life are just too f****d up.
10. end up singing the Christmas songs you hate the most

I wish you all a F****d up X-mas and a Crappy New Year!

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