24 December 2010

Christmas: 10 must have moments

What's Christmas without:

1. getting your boiling points tested in the crowded supermarkets, stores, traffic jam and parking lots.
2. cursing the heavens cause you don't know what freaking presents you gotta buy this year
3. wanting to be locked in a closetroom cause you don't want to visit the family, that you hate, yet again
4. thinking of your childhood Christmas moments and wondering what went wrong
5. getting drunk hoping that you'll wake up after New Year
6. wondering why you spend so much money on others while you could have booked a nice sun vacation for yourself
7. trying to avoid all christmas movies and ending up watching...all of them
8. hoping that Santa truly exist and wait for him anxiously so you can shoot him in the back
9. dreaming of being with friends and family..in a next life cause the ones in this life are just too f****d up.
10. end up singing the Christmas songs you hate the most

I wish you all a F****d up X-mas and a Crappy New Year!

Vine Craciunul - Doamne mie scarba

Vine Craciunul
ma bucur nespus
afara a nins
ce-as mai vrea in plus?

aveam lista facuta
sa iau de mancare
ca-ci vrem de Craciun
sa facem serbare

de dimineata m-am sculat
sa fac cumparaturile
dar am alunecat
pe toate bataturile

la supermarket
plin de lume
nu stiam cum s-o iau
sa apuc mai multe

da-o incolo de lista
ca zarva-i prea mare
stai ca n-am carne tocata
dar niciun supermarket aici n-o are

da-i la alt supermarket
prin apropiere
sper sa ajung acasa
inainte de Sfanta Inviere

Pe drum e mult trafic
Lumea nu stie sa mai conduca
Peisajul e jalnic
Parca nimeni nu stie unde sa se duca

In final am ajuns la alt supermarket
Dar aici jalea e mare
Sute de masini in rand
Asteptand la o singura parcare

Dupa vreo ora juma
Am ajuns in alimentara
Am luat carnea cacama-s pe ea
Ca de abia asteptam sa ies afara

Si asa am ajuns acasa
Plina de draci si suparare
Sa-mi bag picioarele in ea de sarbatoare
C-am ramas rasa de bani si de rabdare
Si acum draga cititorule
Participa si tu, spune si tu ce te doare!

Va doresc sarbatori nenorocite si un an nou depresionant!

22 December 2010

Povesti noi / New stories

Am pus povesti noi in partea dreapta daca ti-ar place sa citesti be my guest!

Check out my new stories just here on the right side!

16 December 2010

E joi: plan de facut mai multe

Suna mai interesant asa de parca sunt foarte ocupata azi. Adevarul e ca am facut ceva, am aplicat la cateva joburi si am mai trimis niste mailuri pentru a publica povesti. Dar stii cum e aia, nu conteaza ce ai facut conteaza ce iese din toata treaba.

Astazi...ploua...ce mirare nu m-am asteptat sa ploua asa des in Olanda ;) Apropo am dat de niste Romani la supermarket saptamana trecuta. Erau amandoi la usa la supermarket cersind, ca pe aici asa se procedeaza, vand ziare si iti zic buna ziua si la revedere de cate ori treci pe langa ei. Eh faza tare era ca stateam langa ei si nu si-au dat seama ca sunt Romanca. Vorbeau intre ei 'da ma, e nasoala treaba...' dar la un moment dat il aud pe unu zicand 'iote si pe aia cat-a vaca.' vorbeau de o Olandeza care statea de vorba cu altele. Ma pufni rasul si am plecat de acolo. Ah da...faza tare in legatura cu rasul:

Am fost la partea a saptea de la Harry Potter (bravo draga in loc sa-ti cauti munca tu te duci la film) si nu va spun sfarsitul filmului pentru ca poate vreti sa vedeti si voi dar la ultima faza a filmului am inceput sa rad cu toate ca era multa liniste in sala pentru ca era un moment trist.Si rad...si rad si incep capatanile sa se intoarca spre mine...or fi crezut ca plang dar nu ma mai puteam abtine...o tipa langa mine se uita la mine iritata dar nu ma puteam controla. Cand s-a terminat filmul eram plina de lacrimi. Daca vedeti filmul o sa intelegeti ce faza era....nu nu...nu vreau sa fac reclama la film ca sincera sa fiu nu s-a meritat. Ceea ce au aratat ei in trei ore puteam sa va spun in cinci secunde.

Si asa cu viata mea, ma duc la filme, rad...cu toate ca mai mult am plans in ultima vreme mai ales ca imi murise catelusa pe care o aveam de o viata (15 ani si jumatete). E nasol cand dispare asa deodata din casa dar asta e era batrana si pot spune ca nu a adus o viata asa rea...inafara faptului ca a trebuit sa-mi vada moaca in fiecare zi.

Deci update: no job, am plans mult, am ras nitel, astept Craciunul ca acela e momentul in care am o scuza ca nu am servici...va pup pe toti

15 December 2010

Cursed ever after, part 3

Had I mentioned that I had tried several times to get in touch with my obsession? They called him Damon but I did not care much for that name. My last try and my actual first time he saw me took place at a local pub in this little town a week ago. In this little lovely town Gabriel, my love, was killed and I came here to commemorate 500 years since his horrific death. I returned to his grave every 10 years. His grave was no more than a stone I myself had set on the place where they burned him while he was still breathing.
Little did I know that Damon was also in town. When I spotted him walking on the street my only normal reaction (after the shock I had when I saw him) was to follow him. I did not even inform Rodney...to my own stupidity.
I had been sitting on a torn up leather couch for hours just watching him from a safe distance. He was sitting at the bar wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of dark jeans. There were empty glasses around him and he was holding another empty one in his hand while whispering to one of the girls he was with. The pub was more space than actual furniture. There was the bar against the wall and the rest of the place was filled with a pool table, three seats and a disguising stanch. The only positive thing about it was that it was poorly lit and so I was able to hide my face in shadows.
I became irritated but did not understand why. I did not care if he had company or not. The irritation changed instantly into furious. I panicked. What was going on? I felt pain in my neck and warmth falling down my chest as the blood under my long black vest was spreading out. Why did I need to change now? What was making it possible? That's when I became aware of the surroundings. Not six meters away from me, a group of teenagers were playing pool. And they were making me mad. It was only then I realized that one of them must have been a vampire. I had entered the pub without looking around and my obsession for the man made me ignore everything else. I quickly walked to the exit. I reached the doors and stared through the glass at the outside horror. Once again, my obsession got in the way and forgot to make me take notice of the red moon outside...red like the vampire blood I needed to spill. I did my best not to fall on my knees and felt the blood socking my jeans. I was enraged. I needed to change and kill. My body was fighting to burst out but the chain around my neck kept it in place. It only meant that in a few moments I would be sitting in a pool of my own blood. Everything started spinning and so I sat down in a corner next to the exit doors. The cold wall tried to soothe my agitation but it was useless. I wanted to kill, I needed it. I hated them all so much there could be no words to describe it.
The tension only got worse. It was approaching. I wanted to reach the chain and unlock it. Drops of sweat fell down my forehead and I did my best not to growl.
'Are you ok?'
I barely nodded but what I really wanted to do was to break his face and pull his heart out. He did not persist as if something made him back up. Did he feel the tension too? If he had said another word I would have jumped at him and grabbed his neck. I looked at him the moment he departed. His face looked familiar even in this dim light. The brother, I realized. Damon's brother was here as well.
I saw the blood under my boots. But that was not the worse part. I saw Damon's face turn around towards me. He was a good distance from me and with the darkness he could have not possibly seen what was happening but that's when I knew I had gotten more attention than I needed. I stood up before he got off his stool. My boots were sliding on the blood I left behind but there was no time for that. I exited the pub trying not to stare at the moon. Headache and dizziness took over but my legs started running.
I ran until I reached the cottage in the woods, a pathetic small house in the middle of wilderness I sometimes called home. Inside there was a bed and old furniture but they contained everything I needed. I sat down against the bed and waited for the wounds to heal.

What I wanna do

I've been thinking of exploring the theatre world. I would like to take some acting classes and maybe even singing classes cause I really want to do more with my voice. It's kind of difficult to find something like that in Holland but I'll try. I don't mean regular acting classes but English acting classes. We'll see what happens. Oh yeah and I wanna do some computer courses to learn how to draw and paint on the computer and I want a silversmithing workshop. My plans voor 2011 are:

- acting classes
- singing classes or perform somewhere
- computer lessons in drawing
- workshop silversmithing
- English course (I already signed up for it to improve my English on a more professional level)

We'll see how it goes.

Besides all of this I have to continue my search for editing my books and stories.Forget to tell you that the agent in London did not accept my work. It was as expected of course but I have to find a couple more and go for it. And I will be posting more of my work on this site of course.

14 December 2010

Poveste de alint

Pentru ca maica-mea a cazut pe gheata saptamana trecuta si si-a luxat piciorul mi-am zis sa-i spun o poveste placuta ca sa-i treaca durerea.

'Bulinuta era un baietel tare cuminte si istet. Avea sase ani si parul lung castaniu. Era asa fericit cand a vazut primii fulgi de zapada si cum a scapat de la gradinita fugea spre casa ca sa ii spuna mamei lui. Bulinuta traia singur cu mama lui caci tatal lui murise acum trei ani. Mama lui lucra toata ziua ca sa ii poata oferi lui Bulinita o sansa cat de mica sa fie fericit in viata. Aveau o casuta mica pe un deal langa padure. Bulinuta vedea deja fumul care iesea din cosul casei si si-a dat seama ca mama lui e acasa. Era asa fericit ca nu a fost atent la gheata de pe jos. A alunecat si si-a luxat piciorul. A strigat dupa mama lui care l-a auzit si a venit imediat sa-l ajute.

Pe timpurile alea nu existau doctori ca acum. Si atunci nu au stiut ce sa-i faca si au crezut ca e mai bine daca ii amputeaza piciorul. Vecinul lor a venit cu un topor pe care il folosea cand castra porcii si i-a retezat lui Bulinuta piciorul. Dar Bulinuta nu s-a intristat caci mama lui i-a facut un picior de lemn de care sa se poata bucura.

In seara de Craciun Bulinita facea focul ca mama lui sa vina acasa si sa gaseasca camera calda si sa i se incalzeasca inima. Bulinuta a gasit o creanga frumoasa pe care a impodobito cu foi din caiet colorate de el insusi. Sub crenguta Bulinuta a pus o bucata de cascaval care i-a dat-o profesoara si care vroia sa o imparta cu mama lui. Asta era darul lui de Craciun si mai mult nu avea nevoie. Cand Bulinia facea focul a sarit o bucata de lemn incinsa pe piciorul lui si i-a dat foc. Din pacate nu era piciorul de lemn ci celalalt. Bulinuta ramase fara picioare dar totusi avea incredere ca sarbatorile ii vor aduce fericire sufletului.

Si asa a si fost de Craciun Bulinuta a primit un picior de porc pe care l-a legat la locul unde i s-a ars piciorul adevarat. Bulinuta era fericit caci putea merge din nou iar mama lui i-a gatit mamaliguta cu cascaval si i-a dat cadou o caciulita caci vandu-se pantofiorii lui Bulinita ca nu mai avea nevoie.'

Nu stiu de ce dar maica-mea nu a fost asa inveselita de povestea mea.