23 November 2010

Men nowadays are like dogs....

Not in a bad way actually. What I mean is that men changed through the years.

Women have always wanted a lot from men: they have to listen, be handsome, be sweet, romantic but they also have to stand up for themselves, be strong, be manly. I believe the last aspects have changed through the years. I mean in the stone age men were like men-men, hairy, butchy, strong. If they wanted a woman? They just took her by her hair. Then the years passed by but men still kept their butch butch character, they went to hunt, to war, they used swords and armor. They were muscled and cruel. That also changed. Now they're...not as butchy anymore. Back then you knew he was a man: beard, rough, dirty and strong. Now: the hairdo might be taken from a glossy magazine, the clothes are soft and tender, their bodies not so hairy anymore and their characters? Metro men, you ever heard of that? They listen, they go shopping with you, they talk to you about your feelings, his feelings. I mean I know we asked for this but what happened to the real strong men? Women like men to be sweet on one side and on the other side to sometimes ignore them and show them they can protect them. Maybe women want too much? I do miss the real men. And to come back to my title:

Men used to be wolves, wild, strong, savages. Through the years they were changed by different aspects but also by women themselves, now they became...dogs. Some are poodles and some are saint bernards, you name it but they are all dogs now.


  1. Isn't that funny - I still take women by their hair, as you put it, when they want too much.

  2. that's the spirit, i wonder how that goes with bold women...then again...I won't say it...